Roseanne Barr Weight Loss journey

Roseanne is a iconic comedian looks fantastic at age 65 . At around 350 pounds, the TV star was considered extremely obese in the 1990s. For weight loss, she underwent gastric bypass surgery in 1998, as reported by Women’s Health. Soon after, she went in for a stomach tuck to get rid of the remaining skin. Barr, 67, saw her weight rise and fall in the years following her operation, but she finally decided to take charge of her health in 2014. She explained that she was simply “doing the things you’re meant to do… you know, moving more, and eating less.” To know more about Roseanne Barr Weight Loss journey keep reading.

Roseanne Barr Weight Loss journey

When Roseanne Barr realised she was at her heaviest, she went to get surgery to help her lose weight. Once the actress had her first surgery, she had surgeries often. Even with medical help, she has had to change her diet and way of life to keep her new body.

After having a gastric bypass, the actress lost 80 pounds. After her surgery, she had to have a tummy tuck to get rid of the extra skin. She made a joke: “My digestive system was taken out, so I should look thinner!”

She also underwent breast reduction and rhinoplasty to achieve the desired appearance.

She said in an interview back in 2003 that she wished she could have more surgeries done, but was wary because of her advanced age and the potential for problems. She also expressed having a firm conviction that anyone who so desired should be free to get as much cosmetic surgery as they saw fit.

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By 2006, she had put on some of the weight again, but she insisted she was in excellent health.

Though she had gained some weight in 2013, by 2014 she was down to her normal size. While speaking in public, she explained that she had lost weight by “moving more and eating less.”

The actress tells Today how she shed weight. Her success stemmed from diet and lifestyle modifications. “I want to be healthy and lose extra weight,” she said.

Veganism keeps her slim. The actress went vegan in Hawaii.”It’s great,” she told Oprah. I want to grow my own food.


Roseanne Barr’s weight loss journey is long and difficult but worth it in the end. She has worked hard to lose weight and is now much thinner than she ever thought possible. She is a role model to many and we can all look to her for inspiration in our own weight loss journeys.

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