In addition to creating rock climbing content on YouTube, professional rock climber Magnus Midtbo can also exercise, including military fitness tests that are very popular in fitness video recorders. Inspired by the final test of Brandon Williams’ latest video, Midtbo. A fitness test used by the FBI to test potential agents.

FBI PFT includes pull-ups, push-ups, squats, 300-meter running and 1.5-mile running. A maximum of 10 points can be scored per round. At least 12 points are required to pass the test, and at least 1 point must be obtained in each round. If you do not participate in the exercise, it will automatically do so. You cannot restore it in any other exercise.

Midtbo said: “The uniqueness of this test is that there is only a 5-minute interval between each exercise.” The test starts with a 1-minute push-up. It takes 71 times to get the desired result. At least 30 repetitions must be performed. Push-ups must also be performed one by one. No rest is allowed. Midtbo performed 60 repetitions in 60 seconds and scored 7 points in the test and its first passing score. After resting for 5 minutes, the squat time is 1 minute.

Even if my goal is higher, Midtbo will squat 52 times and give him 7 points. He said: “I think it can be done as long as we maintain a steady pace.” Then there was a 300-meter race. A “perfect” score of 10 points requires Midtbo to complete the game in 40.9 seconds or less. Complete a sprint in 43 seconds, which is still a simple score, plus 7 points.

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He said: “I think the biggest difference is that if you don’t run for a while, you will feel sad.”-I only ran 300 meters, and now I have to run 2.4km access to exclusive muscle building and weight loss diets through our digital membership program. To get the highest score for men’s health, they must complete a 1.5-mile run in 9 minutes or less. ” I don’t Understand that someone will voluntarily do this sport, as a sport, they do it every day,” he said.

The last event of the test is a pull-up. There is no time limit. Participants must complete the repetition until they fail. Midtbo is here to complete it. After 24 repetitions, he scored 10 points, bringing his total score to 40 points, and he was fully prepared for special agent training.

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