Ricky Gervais Weight loss journey

Many people are motivated to lose weight after seeing celebrity success stories, and Photographs of famous people before and after they lost weight. Ricky Gervais is one of them who lost 22 pounds without changing his diet. Every day he runs and lifts for 20 minutes.To know more about Ricky Gervais Weight loss journey read the entire post.

Ricky explained, “I just always liked eating. In other words, weight loss was simple. Because I didn’t want to die, I made the snap decision to start working out and losing weight.I sigh deeply, stand up, and start running.

The actor’s main worry was for his health, not his weight. “It wasn’t a matter of weight. A big, lazy, unfit slob, that was me.”
The star’s makeover isn’t from a fad diet. So, “I ate normally.” About 11:30 p.m., Ricky decided to quit eating. After Jane started preparing healthier meals, he took up running to burn off the extra calories.

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Comedian Ricky Gervais opens out about his health and diet.

Ricky Gervais claimed that if he stopped eating junk food and started working out, he’d have the same body as Matthew McConaughey.

He told Bonapetit.com, “The quantity of movement I require to be healthy is remarkable.” If I quit eating, I could get a six-pack. Acclaimed actor Matthew McConaughey. My motivation for working out is simple: I want to consume more cheese and wine.

After gaining famous in the early 2000s, Gervais gained weight from exploring different eateries and bars.

He made the observation, “With greater money, you try more eateries.” In the past, I would constantly put off eating. David Bowie-thin until age 28, then I discovered eating.

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“It took me 15 years of steadily increasing weight to reach my current size. I was able to increase my food, wine, and cheese consumption as well as my bank balance.

The 52-year-old man claimed he didn’t need to make dietary changes but rather work on his whole lifestyle.

“I’ve gotten a grasp in the previous five years. To “get a grip” hasn’t cost me anything. Simply add additional physical activity to your routine. Instead of dieting, I prefer to work off the calories I consume.

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