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Redtail CRM is just one of Redtail Technology’s many solutions. It’s a web-based platform targeted at finance sector experts that appears to be well-suited to modest sales operations, whether direct to consumer or B2B.

The product includes Redtail Imaging, a document management solution that allows you to keep track of all photos and produce audit trails of all user-system interactions.

Users can also utilize the Redtail email capability to recover and report email correspondence. While making a sales pitch, the dashboard maintains all information like contacts and calendars close to hand.

New to Redtail and are unsure whether to invest in this software worth it or not? Here’s the complete guide about this CRM, along with the pricing details and features. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Who is Redtail CRM for?

Redtail CRM gets designed for financial professionals who are constantly on the move and need to access their CRM software anywhere, which is why it is web-based.

It’s suitable for individuals who want a simple dashboard with a contact list, calendar, and processes.

A Brief Overview of Redtail CRM’s features

Although Redtail CRM has a lot going on, here are a few essential elements that illustrate its basic capabilities.

  • The Simple dashboard

One of Redtail CRM’s most crucial features is its straightforward dashboard. The Today tab appears as soon as you log in, and it displays everything you need to know right now, including future appointments, workflow tasks to complete, team messages, and even client birthdays. It is a blessing for any salesman who has been annoyed trying to gather information about a customer quickly and having to navigate through numerous screens to get there.

  • Contacts

The contacts list can be sorted by name, status, category, source, and kind, according to your preferences. If you wish to dial down to a contact, you can do an advanced search. From your client’s spouse’s nickname to birthdays, you can fit a lot of information into these contact cards, making this the ideal headquarters for lead management and prospecting.

  • Calendar

The calendar is a feature of this software, as it should be in any CRM, and the view may be switched from daily to weekly to monthly. The contact’s name, subject, importance, and other details get included in a calendar item. You’ll spend a lot of time here planning your week and staying on track.

  • Reports
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Salespeople that want to improve their efficiency and effectiveness can benefit from the software’s reports. There are many different types of analysis, including activity reports, document reports, email reports, fiduciary reports, workflow reports.

The activity reports piqued my interest because they illustrate where a salesperson spends their time, assist areas for time management improvement. For a salesperson, that’s big.

  • Workflow process

Workflow processes enable you to establish a contact funnel and provide a fast overview of where you are in the process and when each step is due, along with a target date and an estimated completion date. It guarantees that you are on track to meet the client’s end goal.

  • Mobile app

Because this program is cloud-based, the mobile app should receive attention. While there is a mobile app, it lacks capabilities compared to what I had anticipated. You can see the “Today” snapshot to get caught up, and you have access to the calendar, contacts, and opportunities, but there doesn’t appear to be any way to access additional items like reports and workflows. As a result, you’ll have to complete most of your job on a computer and only check in via the app.

  • Other features

This software also has many other functions. It accomplishes the tiny things that a salesperson needs, like a red alert at the bottom of the screen that tells you that an appointment is coming up in 30 minutes.

It also tracks and archives client email interactions in a way that complies with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations, which is required. Although customization choices are restricted, there are workarounds.

Redtail CRM’s ease of use

The software is user-friendly for the most part, but you’ll need to learn how fully utilize all of the capabilities. They provide fantastic assistance and a plethora of expertise on their website to aid you with any navigation or feature difficulties, which isn’t immediately known.

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Redtail University, which traverses the country and offers in-depth support to those prepared to pay $425 per person to attend each event, is another option. Of course, this is an additional expense to consider the software.

Benefits of Redtail CRM

If you only want a simple dashboard with fast access to your contacts, calendar, documents, and other essentials for selling, this is an excellent software solution. Everything is within reach, which is critical for any salesperson.

It also has reporting and email retention tools that are essential for increasing your efficiency, and you can add a lot of details to each contact so that you have all the information you need when you’re ready to call them.

Redtail CRM’s pricing

This CRM offers four pricing plans, namely – Redtail CRM, Redtail Speak, Redtail Imaging, and Redtail Email.

Redtail CRM Redtail Speak Redtail Imaging Redtail Email
$99 per month per database $79 per month per database $49 per month per 10 gigabytes $8 per month per account


●       You can keep track of an unlimited amount of leads, contacts, reminders, and tasks.

●       Database conversions get offered at no cost.

●       Distribute email blastsApp for mobile phones is available for free.

●       Exporting on your terms

●       Access from anywhere, at any time.

●       Backup and recovery

●       Document control

●       Processes of Workflow


●       Messages are unlimited.

●       Integrated inside your CRM

●       Clients should get contacted via text, and staff should get contacted via chat.

●       The contact record of a client gets linked to their conversation.

●       Secure, encrypted, and compliant—with your BD’s permission

●       All messages sent through Speak are immediately archived and searchable.

●       Storage: 10 GB

●       Each additional GB costs $4 per month.

●       Overview of hardware and software

●       Image access is simple.

●       Policy on Image Retention

●       Trails of audits

●       Archives stored offsite

●       Backup

●       Security Support gets provided at no cost.

●       Importing that is complimentary.

●       Email retention is 100%.

●       Integration with Redtail CRM

●       There are no storage restrictions.

●       SEC/FINRA rules are met and exceeded.

●       Accounts with POP3 or IMAP protocols

●       MAPI accounts

●       Client for webmail

●       Anti-virus and anti-spam software

●       Support gets provided at no cost.

Working with Redtail CRM support

In terms of support, Redtail CRM does an excellent job. Their 800 number, as well as their direct support email address, are prominently displayed at the top of their website. With minimum hold time, a person answered the phone at that number, and the person helped answer my question. If you need help, visit the Redtail Helpdesk, which has various information on their program and solutions to some common questions.

There’s also the Redtail University, which, like the others, comes at a high cost and necessitates travel. They also offer recorded and live seminars that address issues such as how to sync data with the platform and how to track loyal customers. If you need more help, they offer a contact form on their Helpdesk page, and the 800 number is always available if you don’t get a response quickly enough. You may also email to the address shown next to the phone number.

Redtail CRM – Limitations

As previously stated, this is user-friendly software with a slight learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it makes managing your sales process much easy. It isn’t the software for you if you’re seeking a lot of comprehensive and nuanced capabilities, but it should suffice for most people. There is space for improvement, particularly with the mobile app. However, given the price, this software solution is a good buy.


The simplicity and convenience of use of Redtail CRM appear to be its main selling points. You’ll have to get used to the software at first, but once you do, everything is attractively and neatly organized on a relatively dashboard, putting all the information you need at your fingertips.

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