Rachel Maddow Net Worth Biography, Career, and Husband

Rachel Maddow Net Worth

Host Rachel Maddow one of MSNBC’s highest-paid employees whose net worth is $90 million. His annual salary from MSNBC is over $20 million. When compared to her Fox News counterparts like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, Rachel Maddow is the only TV host who can compete in terms of viewership. He is currently engaged in a number of projects, including Podcasts and a political movie, in addition to her regular duties at MSNBC. To know more about Rachel Maddow Net Worth: Biography, Career, and Husband read the whole post.

Rachel Maddow Bio

On April 1, 1973, in Castro Valley, California, Rachel Maddow entered the world. Her parents both had professional careers in education administration; her father was an Air Force captain. Rachel and her brother were raised in a very devout and traditional Catholic home. Rachel Maddow developed into a serious sports player during her time at high school. She was heavily invested in the school’s swimming, basketball, and volleyball teams.

Rachel Maddow Education

Maddow attended Stanford University after finishing high school and majored in public policy. At some point during her time at Stanford, her sexual orientation was outed in the student newspaper. Until now, her parents had no idea that she was gay. Maddow attended Oxford’s Lincoln College for her master’s degree in 1995, after completing her undergraduate work at Stanford. Her Ph.D. in political science from Oxford was completed in 2001.

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Rachel Maddow Family

She is a native Californian, having spent her formative years in the city of Castro Valley. Rachel’s dad, Robert B. Maddow, is a lawyer for the East Bay Municipal Utility District and a former Air Force captain who resigned a year before Rachel was born. Elaine (née Gosse), Rachel’s mother, was an educator and programme administrator.

Rachel also has an older sibling who goes by the name of David. In addition, Rachel’s paternal grandfather was a member of a family of Ashkenazi Jews who had emigrated to the United States from Eastern Europe under the Russian Empire’s influence. Rachel’s dad is Canadian and has roots in Newfoundland and Labrador; her mom is Canadian and hails from Newfoundland and has roots in both England and Ireland. Rachel’s paternal grandmother was of Dutch (Protestant) descent.

Host Rachel Maddow

Rachel wed Susan Mikula, whom she later married. Susan Mikula, her partner, is a photographer and visual artist. In 1999, while Rachel was writing her dissertation, she and John met. They recently celebrated 21 years of marriage together.

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Rachel Maddow Career

Rachel Maddow pioneered the college talk show genre. As her first job, she co-hosted “The Dave in the Morning Show” on WRNX. Later, she hosted a show called Big Breakfast in Boston. During her time co-hosting the morning show Unfiltered with Chuck D and Lizz Winstead, she was able to get more recognition. After the cancellation of Unfiltered in 2005, Maddow was given her own show, The Rachel Maddow Show. After Maddow left for television, the show lasted until 2010.

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On 2005, Rachel Maddow started working for Tucker. In 2006, she was featured on the Paula Zahn Now show. Starting in 2008, she was a regular on Countdown with Keith Olbermann and MSNBC’s Race for the White House. She filled in as host for Keith Obermann on the later programme on a few occasions. Her popularity as a host convinced Obermann to let her keep going after he left. Obermann actively pursued a Maddow appearance on MSNBC.

In 2008, Rachel Maddow’s show, Maddow on MSNBC, premiered. The show skyrocketed to the top of the ratings quite shortly after its premiere. Maddow’s “winning formula” was lauded for a long time by reviewers. The 2017 ratings for MSNBC were higher than those for CNN and Fox News combined. This happened because of the growing scandal surrounding the Trump administration.

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