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For current and former Australian government employees, PSSap login is the super fund. If you have the question that What is PSSAP Login? Then here is the answer.

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When do I use PSSAP Login, and what is it for?

Australian government workers are eligible to enrol in PSSap, or the Public Sector Superannuation accumulation plan. It’s adaptable to your specific situation, allowing you to modify factors like insurance coverage and investment choices. In order to keep your super flexible and useful throughout your life, you can modify your settings whenever your situation changes.

PSSap Benefits:

  • Strong investment performance
  • Better retirement security
  • Flexible insurance

And more

How To Login PSSAP Online Secure Path (Member Login)


To get login access you need to follow the web page and enter your login details to get access into your account………

How To Reset PSSAP Login Password

Note: To have your password reset over the phone if you don’t have a cellphone number or email on file with us, or if your information has changed, call 1300 725 171.

PSSAP Forgot Password?

To reset your login password you need to follow the link and then enter your registered email address to the provided…….. Click on the submit button and system will check then send you password reset link………. open the link into web browser and follow the instruction to reset your login password………….

How To Register/Signup And Get PSSAP Login Access

PSSAP Register

To get sucessful register you need to follow the link and then enter all the information asked to the perovied field…… click on Submit application and system………………

PSSAP Register for access?

Please complete the following fields to register. To register with PSSap over the phone instead of online, dial 1300 725 171. PSSAP system will send a one-time PIN to your registered phone number or email when you submit your Username/PSSap Member Number, Last Name, First Name, and Birth Date. The one-time PIN will allow you to finish creating your account.

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How PSSAp works?

saving money for the future

Your employer must contribute at least 15.4% of your super salary as a government employee to your PSSap account. To help your savings grow, you can increase your super by making before-tax and after-tax contributions as well as by transferring money from other super accounts.

We put your money to work.

All contributions made to your account are invested, therefore the value of your super is determined by the total amount of contributions made, the net returns on those investments over time, less fees and expenses, and the value of those contributions.

If and when you decide to retire

In retirement, there are several methods you can access your super, and which one you choose will depend on your individual circumstances.

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