The CW has acquired the international rights to air the British series The Professionals, which features an impressive cast that includes Tom Welling and Brendan Fraser but was filmed many years ago. As a result, the network doesn’t have much of a say in whether or not there will be additional episodes. There’s a decent chance they’ll need more of it in the future, and we think it fits in rather well with the content they’re attempting to produce.Because the first season was produced so long ago, much of the cast has gone on and there has been little international demand for a second season.

Professionals Season 2 Renewal status and Cast

Jeff Most, of Jeff Most Productions, said , “We’re excited to develop a second season, and are far along creating the storyline.” No final decision has been made at this time, however we are working closely with our broadcast partners.

Unfortunately, neither the plot summary nor the cast list were made public.

There’s a good probability the show won’t be renewed because it wasn’t well received and the premise didn’t appear engaging. The show is not popular with viewers or critics, earning a 5.3 rating on IMDb.

About Professionals Season 1 Series

Beginning on November 23, 2020, the Paramount Channel (5Action) will premiere the exciting action series Professionals. Show creators Bharat Nalluri, Jeff Most, and Michael Colleary all worked together on the script. An innovative medical satellite held by key characters is destroyed at the start of the novel.

Does Anyone Know Where I Can Stream Season 2 of The Professionals?

Although a second season has not been confirmed, it would likely follow the same pattern as the first and be made available on the same websites.

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If you haven’t seen the first season of Professionals yet, you can watch it for free, no subscription or login required, on the CW App or the official website of

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