Is it true that PnB Rock's death was caused by his girlfriend's Instagram post

Because of a controversial statement he made about the demise of PnB Rock, Kodak Black is currently at the top of the trending topics. Is it true that PnB Rock’s death was caused by his girlfriend’s Instagram post?

Black posted his thoughts on Rock’s death via Instagram Stories earlier tonight (September 13). The Philadelphia rapper was shot and killed during a heist in Los Angeles earlier today.

Kodak uploaded a snapshot of the sky from above and said, “Big planes. Only jets anyways. Mannn I been low all day due to a headache I had earlier so I’m just getting to the news RF.”

On Monday, September 12th, at Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles in the Inglewood neighbourhood of Los Angeles, rapper PnB Rock was shot, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

Officers confirmed that a shooting and potentially a robbery occurred at the restaurant at approximately 1:23 p.m., but they have not yet identified the 30-year-old “I Like Girls” rapper as the victim, despite Billboard’s requests. PT.
An unspecified Black male victim was rushed to the hospital, however his condition is unknown at this time.

The Instagram Story photo of Rock and his girlfriend, Stephanie Sibounheuang, eating at Roscoe’s earlier in the day was posted by Sibounheuang and then deleted. A disturbing video purportedly showing the rapper lying on the ground after being shot was released on Twitter.

In 2019, PnB Rock finally dropped his long-awaited first album, titled TrapStar Turnt PopStar. There’s no way that I become successful suddenly. He told Billboard, “I worked hard, and now it’s my turn.”

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I was once one of those moms who forked out cash to see a show. At least twice during SXSW, I paid a few hundred dollars to perform on that stage.

The album was released as a result of the star’s appearances on Billboard Hot 100 songs such as “Dangerous” by Meek Mill and “Everyday We Lit” by YFN Lucci.

I wanted [the audience] to know I was working on something for them, and that she- is a lot of pressure — I can’t lie, it was starting to get to me,” he remarked on releasing an album after earning so much attention. You can expect some positive results.

After hearing about the tragedy, many people, including rapper Russ, took to social media to send their prayers to PnB Rock.

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