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PMPS login is the online people management practices system that provides Western Cape government system for you. If you want the secure PMPS login access then you have to follow the link available on this page.

PMPS login allow you to get direct access to Western Cape Government system. You can reset your login password and if your are new to PMPS login then you can follow the instruction to get successful register.

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How To Login PMPS Online Access Portal

PMPS Login

To get login access you need to enter your username/Persal Number and password/Pin to the provided field…. click login button and……………

How To Reset PMPS Login Password

To reset your login password you need to follow the link below.

Forgot Password

You need to enter your register persal no to the provided field….. then send me a new password button……….

How To Register And Get PMPS Login Access

Here the system to get register is different, you need to download the register foam and fill the foam then send it to the official email.


fill the foam and send it to the PMPS email address “”, then wait for it to get the reply………….

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