Marina Picasso NFT

Marina Picasso NFT statement has released today, where she described all the necessary points.

Marina Picasso, the granddaughter of Pablo Picasso, a famous painter, sculptor, and sculptor, posted a YouTube statement today to respond to her and Florian’s Ethereum NFT collection.

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It was after a family dispute became public. In the video, she expressed her support for NFT technology and said that her uncle, Claude Picasso, now supports the project. Marina stated that she and Florian would “continue to make NFTs.”

Statement on YouTube today:

NFTs, which are unique tokens, can be found on blockchain networks like Ethereum and Solana. They show ownership over a physical or digital asset. These NFTs Marina and Florian Picasso show ownership of an a.mp4 file of art inspired by one of Pablo Picasso’s famous bowls.

Marina Picasso Said:

Marina, a translator, said that she has a 30-year old son passionate about NFTs. It appealed to me, so I researched the subject. I found that NFTs are a modern technology that allows us to connect with art, and it appealed to my heart. My son and I decided to start our first NFT collection in this spirit.

Our ideas were not communicated properly, and there was a miscommunication with certain family members that had already differed. It didn’t help anyone,” Marina stated in the video. “My uncle, Claude Picasso, supports me… he has dedicated his life to the preservation of the legacy of his grandfather, my father.

The NFT collection, titled “Man and the Beat”, has not been able to sell at the high price of 2 ETH per piece (roughly $5,000.00) since it was reported that Claude Picasso, the Picasso Administration’s head, initially disapproved of the NFTs. The collection launched nearly three weeks ago, despite the promotion of the project by John Legend and other celebrities.

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Origin Protocol, a decentralized marketplace, still hosts the collection via a customized website. Decrypt reported last week that only 10% had been sold today.

Marina stated that Claude had “endorsed” the NFT Collection and that the family will continue to produce NFTs.

In January, a Picasso Administration lawyer told the Associated Press that only Claude could approve the NFT Project as an official Pablo Picasso NFT Project.

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