Phil Foden

The young Manchester City have grown up in a game, and Pep Guardiolas’s team has never lost in four years. The growth of Phil Fodens can almost be traced back to his performance in the League Cup.

A month later, before his 21st birthday, the Manchester City star was able to win his fourth championship medal against Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday. This is a competition with group competitions. From the moment he was 17 years old, he watched West Brom win from the bench, hoping to have a few minutes on the court, he became a superstar, if there is still an outstanding performance in front of him, he Can really prepare for the Wembley final. horizon.

In December 2017, when Foden defeated Leicester City in the quarter-finals, his kids club had an important start. A week after the first Champions League match against Donetsk, the teenager spent 90 minutes in midfield with Ilkay Gundogan and Yaya Toure. He was late as a substitute in the 3-0 victory over Arsenal, made his first appearance in the seniors final and won his first medal. The next few seasons of the game brought a new milestone: the club’s first goal against Oxford in the third round was 3:3.0.

The importance of Manchester United highlights the performance of Manchester United in Manchester City’s victory, winning three key points. In the middle of the week, Villa Week and Guardiola called him a “serious player” under his leadership, which inspired Rejuvenated his team. Later, the positive diagnosis of Kevin De Bruyne’s injury weakened Guardiolas’ rotation. The Belgian midfielder was already in training and Foden was eager to make it to the final. On the other hand, he is also eager to play anything from the training ground.

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Guardiola has an important decision, but it is not surprising when he decides Foden has overcome a game that has played a key role in his development.

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