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Pesp Finance GOV BD is an official government support for Primary Education Stipend Programme. The Principal Education Stipend Programme (PESP) has as its primary goals the promotion of primary school enrollment and attendance, as well as the reduction of dropout rates among students in primary education.

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What is Pesp Finance GOV BD?

The Primary Education Stipend Programme (PESP) is unique in Bangladesh since it uses the family as its unit of analysis rather than the individual, even though the children who directly benefit from the programme are too young to do so, on their own. The grant from the programme is given to the parents, even though each child receives an individual award for elementary school. This is because the family’s major breadwinner is expected to apply for the aid on behalf of the children.

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PESP took the place of Food for Education (FFE) and Primary Education Stipends (PES). There are some exceptions, but you have to get at least a C in each subject and be there 85 percent of the time each month.

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Budget 2017–18 provided for almost 13 million pupils. The 2018-2019 programme budget is expected to serve a total of 14,395,000 students. For the 2018–2019 fiscal year, the budget is BDT1,550,000,000 ($1,000,000). During the fiscal year 2017–18, the government gave out BDT 1,450 crore (1 crore = 10 million).

All elementary school students who are enrolled in a school that is taking part are eligible. At first, the programme focused on low-income rural areas, but it has since been spread to all parts of the country. Primary schools that are run by Shishu Kollyan, primary schools that are run independently of Ebtedayee Madrassahs, government primary schools, independent Ebtedayee Madrassahs that are recognised by the government, and primary schools that have been expanded to include grades 6–8 are all eligible. In city corporations and municipalities, Ebtedayee Madrassahs can only be run by the government or independently.

How much could I get out of this?

How much it costs per month to house a family of up to four college students is based on how many students live there. Price: BDT100 (1 student) What to Buy for Two Students: BDT200 3 students, BDT250 Four students, BDT300 Every month, BDT125 is given to each student in a school that has added grades 6–8. For students in pre-primary school, there is funding of BDT50 per month.

How do the Benefits get handed out?

Payments are sent out through Rupali Bank’s mobile banking platform.

How long do I have to wait before my benefits stop?

The money will be given to the child’s mother or legal guardian.

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How often will we check to see how things are going?

Officials in charge of monitoring at the district level (usually one per district) are in charge of making sure the rules are being followed and reporting any problems they run into. For this programme, there is neither a central monitoring system nor a formal way for people to get their problems solved.

There is a list of what a database of recipients is and what a management information system is.

On demand, a MIS and a database of beneficiaries can be made. The database is still run by the private company that was hired to do it. None of the Ministries or their separate Directorates own the database.

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