Patrick Wilson Net Worth How much Patrick Wilson earn annually

American actor, director, and singer Patrick Joseph Wilson.

In 1995, he debuted in Broadway musicals. His birthday is July 3, 1973, and he was born in Norfolk, Virginia. Patrick Joseph Wilson is his full name. Mary Kay, his mother, was a professional singer and voice teacher, and John, his father, was a news anchor for WTVT in Tampa. Patrick grew up in Saint.

Pete, Florida, with his brothers Mark and Paul. After he graduated from Shorecrest Preparatory School in 1995, he went to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and got a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama. This article discusses

Patrick Wilson Net Worth: How much Patrick Wilson earn annually?

How much Patrick Wilson earn annually?

Patrick Wilson has a net worth of $7 million. He is a musician, actor, director, and producer. Wilson first became known across the country when she sang “On the Street Where You Live” at the Kennedy Center Honors for Julie Andrews in 2001.

Patrick has played demonologist Ed Warren in “The Conjuring” franchise (2013–present) and Josh Lambert in “Insidious” franchise (2003–present) (2010–present).

He also played Joe Pitt in the miniseries “Angels in America” in 2003, Dr. Michael Holt in the CBS medical drama “A Gifted Man” from 2011 to 2012, and Lou Solverson on FX’s “Fargo” (2015).

He has been in more than 60 movies, TV shows, and plays, such as “Hard Candy” (2005), “Little Children” (2006), “Aquaman” (2018), “Barefoot in the Park” (2006), and “All My Sons” (2005). (2005). (2008–2009).

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Wilson was nominated for a Tony Award for his roles in “The Full Monty” (2000–2001) and “Oklahoma!” (2002–2003). (2002).

Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife, a movie from 2014, was both made by him and starred him. In October 2020, it was said that “Insidious: The Dark Realm” will be his first movie as a director.

Personal life

On June 18, 2005, Patrick got married to the actress Dagmara Domaczyk. Their two boys are Kalin (born June 23, 2006) and Kassian (born August 9, 2009). Wilson is the brother-in-law of Scott Foley’s wife, the actress Marika Domiczyk.

In May 2011, Patrick spoke at the school’s graduation. Also, Trinity College in Connecticut gave him an honorary doctorate in the fine arts.

In 2012, he spoke at Carnegie Mellon University’s graduation ceremony. The group Ian Wilson is made up of Patrick and his siblings.

In 2012, they played at an event to raise money for Southeastern Guide Dogs’ “Paws for Patriots” programme. After the event, puppies were given the names of the band members. This helped raise $30,000 for charity.

Professional life

Wilson’s first role was as Brad Adamson in Todd Field’s 2006 movie “Little Children.” Also in 2006, he played Michael Shephard in “Running With Scissors,” which was nominated for a Golden Globe Award and was directed by Ryan Murphy and produced by Brad Pitt.

During the seventh-inning stretch of Game 4 of the American League Championship Series between the Texas Rangers and the New York Yankees in 2010, he sang “God Bless America.”

Wilson played the main bad guy, Lynch, in the 2010 movie The A-Team. He also starred in the horror movie “Insidious” with Rose Byrne. He came back for the 2013 sequel to Insidious, which was called Insidious: Chapter 2.

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In the same year, he played Ed Warren in the horror movie “The Conjuring” with Vera Farmiga. The movie got good reviews and became one of the most successful horror movies of all time.
Wilson was in Jaume Collet-action Serra’s thriller “The Commuter” in 2018. He worked with Vera Farmiga again, who he had worked with in “The Conjuring,” and played a close friend of Liam Neeson’s character.

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Patrick Wilson has acted in movies like “Watchmen,” “Insidious,” and “The Conjuring.” He has worked with some of the best actors in the business and is known for being a very talented actor.

As of August 2022, Patrick Wilson’s net worth is expected to be $7 Million.

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