A British singer named Oli London named Jimin the object of her obsessiveness, and they underwent 32 procedures to make herself look like the member of the popular Korean band BTS.

Oli London, 32, has released an apology to K-pop star Park Jimin (stage name Jimin) for trying to change his appearance to look like the East Asian singer and dancer.

The British singer had spent a year in Korea, and the experience had profoundly altered his character. “I found solace and happiness in K-pop and Korean culture, it gave me escape from reality and I channelled all of my attention and love into someone who I greatly admired and idolised — Park Jimin [sic].”

he went on to say, “I changed my entire life thinking I could become as beautiful and talented as Jimin.”

I am Korean now!” they exclaimed in a video posted to TMZ. I made the change. I am overjoyed to have finally finished getting dressed. OK, you guys, I made it: I’m officially of Korean descent. I already had the eyes, so I just got a brow lift to complement them.

According to London, who identifies as non-binary, the transition has liberated them from feeling “trapped” in the wrong body. It took 18 operations spread out over several years and cost a total of £108,000.

Since receiving criticism online for claiming to be of a different nationality and race, London has vowed to improve his character and become a “better version of myself.”

British Singer Oli london Apolozy :

They went on to say, “I sincerely apologise to Jimin, to BTS, to Army [the BTS fandom], and to the entire Asian community for any offence that my obsession may have caused. To be clear, my love and admiration for Jimin are unwavering, but I am now accepting responsibility for my past behaviour, which I have realised was not healthy or normal, and I am promising to do better and change as a person.

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London summed up, “This is how I feel inside but I never want to ever cause offence or for people to think I do not acknowledge the lived experiences and many struggles Asian people face on a daily basis.” I want to apologise to everyone, but especially to Park Jimin.

“I identify with the Korean community. Maybe they will accept me more now because I have the look,” London said.

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