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NZHL login is an online portal to the NZHL home loans and insurance company. It is NZHL’s mission to facilitate New Zealanders’ rapid progress toward financial independence. Plus, those aren’t just empty platitudes; they describe exactly what we do.

What is NZHL?

Home loans and insurance are offered in a unique way by NZHL. Our mission is to help Kiwis achieve financial independence as quickly as possible, and as a result, we help them avoid spending millions of dollars annually on interest.

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To accomplish this, we provide each of our 20,000 customers with individualised service in the form of constant coaching, a strategically designed house loan, and advisory support and tools that put them in charge of their financial futures.

About NZHL:

New Zealand Home Loans (NZHL) was established in 1996 by John Erkkila and Murray Ferguson, two businessmen from Hamilton who believed there had to be a better way for New Zealanders to move ahead financially and overcome the old banking system while still assuring proper insurance protection. The result was the development of a home loan structure that was both efficient and secure, thanks to the inclusion of insurance.

NZHL is a 100% owned subsidiary of Kiwi Group Holdings with a loan book in excess of $6 billion (KGH). New Zealand Post (53%), the New Zealand Superannuation Fund (25%), and the Accident Compensation Corporation (22%) all own shares in KGH, the parent company of Kiwibank.

The ownership of NZHL has changed, but our commitment to assisting Kiwis achieve financial independence as quickly as possible has not.

How To Login NZHL Online Access Portal

To access your online banking account, please use the Login links below. If you have an Eftpos card but aren’t sure which one is right for you, compare the options below to the one on your card or ask your advisor for help.

NZHL Transact

To get login access you need to follow the web page and enter your login details to get access into your account…If you use NZHLtransact or your account begins with 38…..

NZHL online

To get login access you need to follow the web page and enter your login details to get access into your account…If you use NZHLonline or your account begins with 12…..

Help, My Password for Online Banking Has Expired, How To Reset Login Password

For assistance with resetting your password for or the mobile app for internet banking, please call our Client Care team at 0800 333 238 (+64 4 382 1768). If you’ve forgotten the password to your online banking account at, call our Customer Care staff at 0800 500 173 (+64 9 487 9991). Please be aware that security precautions prevent you from having your password resent to you through email.

Is international usage of my NZHL EFTPOS card possible?

Our EFTPOS cards can be used anywhere that accepts EFTPOS. You can use your card at any ATM that also displays the CIRRUS brand if it bears that logo on the back. Only ATMs bearing the PLUS brand will accept cards with the PLUS logo on the back. There may be more costs involved. For further information, please refer to the Fees and Limits Guide or get in touch.

When will new eftpos cards be available?

To get a new card*, visit and enter your account number, starting with 38, under “Settings and Services,” followed by “Order New Zealand Home Loans Card.” If you need any help, dial 0800 333 238 (+64 4 382 1768), which will connect you to Client Care. * You can cancel your current card at if you need to replace it because it was lost or stolen or because of wear and tear.

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Order a replacement card by calling 0800 500 173 (+64 9 487 9991) or visiting if your account number begins with 12.

It would be convenient if I could transfer money from my foreign bank account into my New Zealand Dollar Holdings account. How do I go about gathering the required data?

Please send the following information to your overseas bank if your New Zealand Home Loans account number begins with “38”:

  • Account: Your account number (no dashes please) (15 digits in total) e.g. 389001012345602
  • Full legal name (no abbreviations) of the account holder
  • Detailed street address (not PO Box)
  • Kiwibank Limited, Wellington Branch, New Zealand Bank
  • Currency Identifier: KIWINZ22

Please send the following information to your overseas bank if your New Zealand Home Loans account number begins with the number 12.

  • Account: You’ll need to provide your 15-digit account number, like this one: 12-3XXX-XXXXXX-XX
  • Full legal name as it appears on your account.
  • New Zealand Branch: ASB Bank Limited, 12 Jellicoe Street, Auckland 1010
  • Code ASBBNZ2A Clearing 123236 for Swift

May you tell me where I can get the NZHL Mobile Banking app?

Both the Apple Software Store and Google Play host the app. Look for “Mobile Banking New Zealand Home Loans” on your search engine. For the time being, this app is only compatible with iOS and Android. If you have a Windows phone or a Blackberry, you’ll need to use the Internet Banking site designed for computers. NZHLtransact internet banking customers whose account numbers begin with ’38’ are also the only ones eligible to use this service.


What are the fees associated with using the NZHL mobile banking app?

There are no costs associated with downloading or using the New Zealand Home Loans app. However, your mobile service provider’s normal data usage fees will still apply.

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On what kinds of gadgets will this app function?

At the present time, this app is only compatible with iOS and Android. Internet Banking is only available as a web application for iOS and Android devices. Screen resolutions higher than 320×400 are required for Android devices running OS 6.0 or above. iOS 12.4 or later is required for compatible devices.

What should I write in the “bank” and “branch” fields of the direct debit form for my NZHL account?

The ‘Bank’ is Kiwibank, and the ‘Branch’ is located at Wellington Post Office Box 2082). To contact New Zealand Home Loans, write to Client Care, New Zealand Home Loans, PO Box 2082, Wellington 6140. Bank is ASB Bank and Branch is New Zealand Home Loans if your account number starts with a 12. Address any correspondence to New Zealand Home Loans, Customer Care, PO Box 33 845, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand.

Why are there only ’38’ of us able to use the mobile banking feature?

It’s not ideal that not everyone has access to mobile banking, but we get it. We’re working hard to resolve this issue since we recognise the significance of this access, however there is currently no estimated completion date (eta) for this.

Does logging in require the 4-digit security code?

The “Settings” tab allows you to disable this feature. It would be convenient if I could use the same 4-digit PIN that I use to access my phone. Yes, but it’s not a good idea to do that (e.g. kids that know your phone pin to play games will then be able to get into banking as well). What happens if I lose my four-digit PIN? To access your online banking account, simply enter your usual login information after selecting the “Login help” > “I lost my code” option. Is there any way I can alter their four-digit PIN? Easily done by going to “Settings,” “Security,” and “Change Security Code.”

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