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Welcome to the NSSF Self Service Portal, here you may click on the buttons above to access the many self service options for both members and employers.

Here you get the proper guide of how you can get register, login or new member apply. To know more click on the link and visit the official nnsf self service portal page.

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How To NSSF Self Service Portal Update Guide

Employer Self Service Links

Employer Self Service Links

Click on the Employer Self Service link • For employers already ….

How To NNSF Self Service Portal Member Self Service Links

Member Self Service Links

Member Self Service Links

How to Register for New Members • Click Member Self Service link ….

How To NNSF Self Service Portal Welcome to the NSSF Self

Welcome to the NSSF Self

NSSF Self Service Portal

Your email address will not be published. Save my name ….

How To NNSF Self Service Portal Member Self Service Portal

Member Self Service Portal

Member Self Service Portal

Click on the link below in case you are already registered with ….

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How can I activate my employer’s NNSF self-service portal account?

Click on the Employer Activation link once you’ve received your Pin Key from the NSSF office.

Type in Username, Password, and Pin Key then click Activate to complete activation.

Employer Recertification: What Is The Process?

Please use the Employer Recertification link to reset your Username and Password if you have lost or misplaced them.

How To NNSF Self Service Portal NSSF returns should be prepared.

  • Produce a payroll spreadsheet (Download payroll template from Employer Self Service Resources page).
  • Convert payroll file to NSSF return with Payroll Converter. Select the eConverter from Payroll to SF24 Option.
  • Employer number for NSSF.
  • The payroll period must be entered in the following format: MM/YYYY, e.g. 08/2016 for August 2016.
  • Select Payroll Type (Select Regular unless for rare instances) (Select Regular except for special cases).
  • Select preferred level of donation.
  • Upload Payroll File to convert.
  • Open the NSSF Return file (SF24) that was created and store it where you want it.
  • How to Recover Credentials NNSF Self Service Portal Forgot/Lost Password?
  • In case you have forgotten your password, click on the Recover Forgotten/Lost Password Credentials link then fill in the relevant details.
  • To be able to reset your password, your account must first be active.

NSSF Kenya – NSSF Self-service portal – Video Tutorial





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