Fans can now watch the latest season of The Sinner on Netflix. However, the audience wasn’t only compelled to view episodes in rapid succession. They wanted to know how the season would end and whether they would get to see Detective Ambrose tackle any new crimes. In a nutshell, they wanted to know whether Season 5 was in the works.

For those unfamiliar, each season of The Sinner consists of many storylines that have no continuity with one another.

Netflix ‘The Sinner’ season 5 renewed or Cancelled

Those hoping to see more of Detective Ambrose will be disappointed to learn that there will be no season 5 of The Sinner. The fourth season of the highly-rated crime drama is the last. From October through December of 2021, it was shown on USA Network. Netflix subscribers may now watch all four seasons.

The Sinner was supposed to be a one-season miniseries, but after its success, it was expanded into an anthology, with each season retelling the narrative of a different case that Harry Ambrose solved.

Series creator Derek Simonds announced the news, saying, “It’s been a big joy and an honour to be able to explore the type of tales we have on The Sinner these last four seasons.”

He said, “[Universal Content Productions] and USA have been excellent partners and consistently supportive of our creative ambitions, and I’m so delighted to conclude Harry Ambrose’s dramatic series-long arc as we planned in this final season. A great thank you to my partner-in-crime, Bill Pullman, and to the wonderful performers, writers, directors, and crew who gave their all to help realise this show.

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Netflix ‘The Sinner’ season 5 Release date

Since there is no hope of Netflix ‘The Sinner’ season  5 release, so very difficult to predict the release date.

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