national fuel pass gov lk application form 2022

Online Registration for National Fuel Pass (Petrol and Diesel) – Ministry of Energy and Power where to find national fuel pass gov lk application form 2022.

The Ministry of Power and Energy has started the National Fuel Pass System, which lets everyone get a guaranteed amount of Petrol and Diesel for their own cars every week.

Using the QR code given to them, people can get gas twice a week based on the last number on their license plate.


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Fuel pass gov lk registration 2022 News and Update

Fuel Pass Gov lk Registration 2022 Info & Guide


Vehicle Numbers

(Last Digit) Days to Get Fuel
0, 1, 2 Tuesday, Saturday
3, 4, 5 Thursday, Sunday
6, 7, 8, 9 Monday, Wednesday, Friday


What Are The Major Points Before Go With The National Fuel Pass Gov LK Application Form 2022

Here are the steps to sign up and get information about the fuel quota.

First not down the official website provide by the Gov lk application Form 2022.

National Fuel Pass GOV LK Application Form 2022 Website

Want to know how to submit national fuel pass gov lk application form 2022..


  • For help with anything related to registration, call 1919.
  • All types of private vehicles have a guaranteed weekly quota.
  • Applies to all Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CEYPETCO/CPC) and Lanka IOC gas stations islandwide.
  • No restrictions on fuel for public transportation (buses and trains).
  • For the next few days, you can sign up.
  • National Identity Card (NIC), Passport number, Business Registration Number (BRN), Vehicle number, and Chassis number are required.
  • Only one Business Registration Number (BRN), National Identity Card (NIC), or Passport Number (PAN) can be used to register a company or government vehicle or bike. Soon, it will be possible to register more than one vehicle.
  • When the fuel quota is ready, users will be told. The fuel quota will be given out based on the type of vehicle. The Ministry of Power and Energy will make the announcement.
  • Once fuel quota received, QR code to be produced at Fuel Pump. Either a picture or a printed copy.
  • System will show how much fuel has been used, how much is left, and when it runs out.
  • When fuel is pumped, an SMS will be sent to the phone number that was registered.
  • The fuel limit for the week can’t be used in the next week.
  • Numerous requests has been made not to queue up at CEYPETCO Fuel Stations until distribution commenced. The fuel will not be sent to those gas stations until the vehicles are gone. Both the National Fuel Pass and the last digit on the licence plate will have to be used.
  • The start date will be made public. Setting up the system and putting it to use was not an easy task. But it has to be done so that everyone gets a weekly ration for the next few months of rationing. Support from the public is needed to make this work well, and it will be improved as needed.
  • Ministry of Youth has asked National Youth Corps and its members to help with the National Fuel Pass project. From July 21st on, volunteers from NYC will help people sign up for the platform at gas stations and in rural areas.
  • A system has been set up so that people with a National Fuel Pass can find out how much fuel they are allowed to use.
  • The Ministry of Energy says that people will first have to sign up and get a National Fuel Pass.
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Apply For National Fuel Pass GOV LK Application Form 2022

Following are the video guide to know how you can do successfully national fuel pass gov lk application form 2022. Available in different languages…


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