Lone Star College’s student login portal, myLoneStar, is also known as iStar. It gets used to access Lonestar email, academic profiles, alter your degree, check your courses, enroll in classes, submit vaccination records, and access D2L, among other things.

How to log into myLoneStar

  • Go to in your web browser.
  • Fill in your LSC email address here.
  • Then, enter your password for your account.
  • To get to your dashboard, click Login.

How to get your myLoneStar student ID number

  • Log in to myLoneStar by going to this page (
  • Select “Get Username” from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter your Social Security Number’s last four digits, your Last Name, and your Date of Birth. Then press the submit button. Your username will show on a screen. Save this information for later.
  • Click “Reset Password” on the login page.
  • After you’ve entered your login or student ID number, click the submit button. If you haven’t done so already, you’ll get prompted to do so. If you previously had a password, you’ll answer the security questions you set up.

Your Username and Password have now to get assigned to you. Log in to myLoneStar to see your student ID number. Your Student ID will appear under the “Profile” icon when you click on the “Student” icon.

What is the username in myLoneStar?

The username is a combination of your surname and a portion of your first name. For example, “Eskarina Smith” might be smith or eskasmith, whereas “John Smith” might be jsmith4. If you have a common name, your username can end in a number. To check in to computers on campus or to use the alternate log-in for library databases, use your username (not your student ID number).

My Lonestar email

At Lone Star College, you’ll come across three types of email addresses: D2L, student, and staff. [myLoneStar username] is the format for your LoneStar student email address. For example, is the email address called Eskarina Smith with the login esmith1.

How to access my LoneStar email

  • Please visit for more information (
  • Use your LSC email address and password to access the site.
  • On the homepage, click the “Student Email” link.
  • You’ll get asked to sign in to your LSC Microsoft 365 account with your LSC email address and password.
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In the center of your Student view’s homepage, there will be a preview of your inbox and a link to Student Email in the Quick Links box on the left.

Inside D2L, students have an email address, such as That is not your primary, official email account; it is exclusively for communicating with your professors and students within D2L. My LoneStar password is the same as your email password.

The same password used to access my LoneStar should be able to access it using my LoneStar and not have to sign in individually from there. The “Get Username/Email” link will provide your LSC username and email address if you forget your email address.

How to set up my Lonestar email on your iPhone

Here’s the step-by-step guide to set up your myLoneStar email.

  • Navigate to “Settings,” then “Mail, Contacts, Calendars.”
  • To add an account, choose “Other.”
  • Go to “Add Mail Account” and fill in the necessary information.
  • Fill in the blanks:
  • First and last names, respectively
  • is the username for email (LSC student email address).
  • Student email password for LSC students
  • is a website that provides information on the University of Texas at San Antonio (default). A description of the user’s decision can get included. To move on, click “Next.”
  • IMAP will get selected by default (keep the connection to IMAP).
  • Fill in the following details:
  • is the hostname.
  • (Instead of just the username, users will enter their student email address.
  • Password: the password for the student’s email account.
  • “Save” should be selected.

How to access myLoneStarD2L?

Your online courses on LoneStar D2L can get accessed in two ways.

myLoneStar Portal

  • Go to and create an account.
  • The LSC-Online tile can get accessed by clicking on it.
  • If your course is online or hybrid, it should appear in the My Courses section.
  • Face-to-face classes may also get listed. D2L gets used by many professors to supplement their students’ on-campus studying.
  • My Home is accessible through the Lone Star College-Online logo. To see your course schedule, click on it.
  • The name of the class you get currently enrolled in is the following item on the list.
  • The course list-icon displays a list of your courses with the option of pinning them to the top of the list. To do so, use a pin icon.
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Lone Star College’s official website

  • edu is a place to start.
  • Go to the top of the page and click the Class Login link.
  • Log in with your LSC email and password by clicking the Secure Login image.
  • If your course is online or hybrid, it should appear in the My Courses section.
  • Face-to-face classes may also get listed.

How to change your preferred name in D2L

Follow the guide to modify your preferred name in D2L. Don’t miss out on any step to avoid the last-minute hassle.

  • Log in to my LoneStar account and select Student from the drop-down menu.
  • The Profile tab can get accessed by clicking on it.
  • Go to the profile tab and click the Add option to add a new name.
  • The “Type” drop-down box should get set to Preferred. Then click the Save button in the top right corner of the screen to save your name.

How to search & enroll in classes – for new students

  • Select the Student Tile in myLoneStar using your Lone Star College username and password.
  • Select the Manage Classes tile from the Student Homepage. You must have classes scheduled for the applicable semester before you can register.
  • The upper left-hand corner of the Plan and Register for Courses page displays your degree plan. Contact your campus’s Academic Advising Office for help updating or changing your degree plan. To register, click the Register button.
  • To begin selecting class sections, pick the appropriate term in the Schedule Builder.
  • Select Enroll in Classes from the drop-down menu. If the Enroll in Classes button does not appear, contact the Academic Advising Office on your campus for assistance. By pressing the Trash Can button, you can delete a course from Schedule Builder.
  • Choose the course you wish to enroll in by clicking the Choose Class button.
  • Open classes, credit classes, and your home campus will get displayed on the Class Search Results page. Turning off a filter (click X) or selecting Clear All will change the options for Class Search Results.
  • The session type, meeting dates, days, hours, room, location, and instructor are all displayed on the Course Information page. For more information about this class, click the blue links.
  • Class Details, Meeting Information, Enrollment Information, Class Availability, Textbook, and Class Notes may get found under the Class Information section. Close the pane containing the class information.
  • A course section can get selected by clicking on it.
  • When you’re ready to finish a term’s enrollment, go to Enroll in Classes and click Finish. Continue enrolling by selecting Yes.
  • To add to your shopping cart, select the appropriate radio button and click Next.
  • You have successfully enrolled in course portions if you see a green checkmark.
  • To see the enrolled course area, go to the left pane and click View My Classes (s). Go to the Enrollment Deadlines website.
  • You’ve completed the enrollment process. Select the Return to Keyword Search Page option to enroll in more courses.
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The Bottom Line

So, that’s all about myLoneStar. We hope you have enjoyed reading the guide and found it helpful. Lone Star is a model college for achieving high student learning, completion, gainful employment, equity, and affordability. You get access to a fully functional email system through my LoneStar site. You can email anyone, even if they get not affiliated with Lone Star.

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