My Business Payroll: Traditional payroll services, payroll accounting software, and spreadsheets all have their drawbacks, but My Payroll provides a distinct edge.

Small companies with less than 150 employees can use My Payroll’s Online Payroll service, which handles everything from paychecks and direct transfers through W-2 forms, including federal and state tax payments and form submissions.


MyPayroll Relief

Payroll Administrators: Login here to access your account center, run payroll and view reports..


Calculate wages by entering employee work hours. You may use our free Direct Deposit to pay your staff or print checks. Payroll taxes at the federal, state, and municipal levels are all taken care of for you automatically. login – MyPayroll

Payroll Administrators: Login here to access your account center, run payroll and view reports..


Payroll for me is a breeze. Manage your payroll at any time and from any location. Isn’t there a desktop application?

Direct Deposits
Electronic submission of tax returns to the federal government
Taxes paid to the IRS electronically (when due)
Paying and submitting state taxes*
Help over the phone from payroll professionals
Accurate and guaranteed tax computations for all federal, state and municipal taxes


Employees/Contractor: login

Employees/Contractor: Login here to access your pay stubs and W2s or 1099-MISC.


Our most popular and comprehensive solution, MyPayroll for Small Business, caters to small and medium-sized businesses. Everything mentioned above is included. For most small enterprises, this is the best option.

Using MyPayroll Time Tracking, employees can keep track of their own work hours and reduce the need for double entry.

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Tracking staff hours and re-entering data may be a real nuisance, especially when you have to adhere to stringent overtime requirements. Time Tracking has a number of advantages, including: login Employees/Contractor

Employees/Contractor: Login here to access your pay stubs and W2s or 1099-MISC.


Automatically estimating the total number of hours worked might help you avoid costly mistakes (including overtime)

The ability to quickly and easily go back and make changes to an employee’s schedule

To ensure that employees aren’t abusing their time clocks.


MyTimeLogin – MyPayroll Relief login

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Accountants may use MyTaxProfessional Monitoring to keep tabs on their taxes. CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and other accounting specialists who work with your account can take advantage of a special feature offered by My Payroll. Your payroll and subcontractor deductions may be sent to your tax preparers using this service. If you give us permission in writing, your tax professional can receive the reports directly from us, or they can access them through your login page.


MyTimeLogin – MyPayroll login

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If you’d like one of our network of Tax Professionals to be assigned to your account, My Payroll can help you find one. You’ll get the name, office address, and phone number of the Tax Professional from us.

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