MSMEx, a small and medium-sized business education startup, today announced a $1 million Pre-A round of financing. The startup attracted a group of leading business angels, including Badri Pillapakkam (Partner of Omidyar Network), Krishna Kumar (Partner of Omidyar Network), Krishna Kumar (SimpliLearn), Manoj Sharma (CTO of Cleartrip) ) And Hitesh Veer (partner of Ernst & Young).

MSMEx said it will use these tools to develop new intuitive technologies, including deep learning recommendation systems, intelligent real-time chat systems and AI-based behavior analysis systems, and will expand its scope of operations to include more service users. … was founded in 2019 by Amit Kumar, with early support from Vishal Kumar, Dilip Kumar, Khushbu Arora and Kumar Sambhav.

MSMEx provides live business meetings for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and connects them with experts from selected companies for online interaction and support via mobile devices. Business owners and entrepreneurs can also consult experts through the live chat community, and talk to experts in coaching and leadership consulting through face-to-face video calls.

The past 15 months have changed the way we do business in India. Although large enterprises and technology companies have been able to adapt to the new reality of remote work after digital transformation, the 63 million micro-enterprises with limited resources in India are striving to achieve business transformation and online interaction. MSMEx bridges this gap by providing these geographically dispersed small businesses with digital transformation and best business practices in a cost-effective manner.

The MSMEx platform currently has more than 500,000 users, representing micro and small businesses from more than 1,200 cities in India. The startup said that since January, its MAU has increased by 55%. MSMEx currently provides English content, with an emphasis on the quality of experts. The platform will soon publish content in Hindi and other regional languages ​​to serve a wider audience outside of the English-speaking user base. There are indeed several start-ups that are solving the loan and payment problems of medium-sized companies. Accounting, support, sales and other solutions, the micro-segment market is still an underserved market.

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