MSI GS63 Stealth-010 Gaming Laptop, Display, Battery, and More

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Let’s talk about MSI GS63 Stealth-010: Gaming Laptop, Display, Battery, and More you need to know.

There is a long tradition of excellence in gaming laptop production at MSI, which dates back to 1986. The latest MSI Gaming GS63 model features an Intel Core i7 CPU, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card, 16GB of RAM, and a 512GB solid-state drive. In order to determine if the MSI GE63 is the best 15-inch gaming laptop available, we have compiled this in-depth study.


The 15.6-inch screen includes an anti-glare coating and a Full High Definition (1920 x 1080) resolution for clear images. If you are willing to pay extra money on your laptop, you can go for a 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) display. Even at 15 inches, the screen is stunning and bright, with accurate colours and wide viewing angles.


Two USB-C ports, two USB 3.1 Gen2 connectors, an HDMI port, and a Thunderbolt 3 port are included for external communication. You may charge your laptop and connect external displays through the Thunderbolt 3 port’s DisplayPort compatibility and up to 65W of power delivery.

Keypad + Touchpad

The keyboard’s travel is surprisingly good for a laptop of this size, and the trackpad is responsive and convenient, provided you don’t mind giving up two USB ports on the right edge of the palm rest.


A fingerprint sensor built into the power button means you can log into Windows 10 Home Edition without entering a password or PIN and rest easy knowing your information is secure.

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The MSI GS63’s all-black exterior is complemented with brushed metal on the lid and keyboard deck and aluminium heat fins on the bottom cover, both of which contribute to the device’s respectable temperature management. This laptop’s compact footprint (16 x 11 inches) and light weight (4.1 pounds) are a result of its narrow bezel around the display, which extends to all four sides.

The native resolution of the 15-inch display is 1920 x 1080 pixels, making it bright, vivid, and sharp enough for most people; however, pros may want something higher res if they do a lot of photo or video editing work on their laptops. If you’re looking for the greatest screen you can get for the money, go no further than the IPS panel.


The MSI GS63 Stealth-010 contains a 3-cell 65 WHr Li-Po battery. MSI did not provide any information on the battery life of the laptop.

Hence, to provide the battery life of the laptop, I will emphasise the laptop’s result on a battery rundown test. To put a laptop through its paces, we’ll have it play a high-definition YouTube video nonstop until it crashes.

Further, the laptop is dimmed to 40% brightness and set to “Balanced Mode” for the duration of the test. Thus, at the conclusion of the test, the MSI GS63 Stealth-010 gave a battery life of barely 4 hours and 36 minutes.

We found that the battery life of this laptop was nearly identical to that of the Lenovo Legion Y720. Specifically, on the same battery rundown test, the Lenovo Legion Y720 had a battery life of 4 hours and 36 minutes.

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All in all, I will grade the MSI GS63 Stealth-010 a seven out of ten in this battery section due to its mediocre battery life.

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If you’re looking for a gaming laptop, go no further than MSI. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the MSI GS63 Stealth-010 has such impressive specifications and performance.

Some notable characteristics of this laptop include a speedy Intel Core i7 processor and a dedicated NVIDIA graphics processing unit (GPU). Aside from that, the laptop has a stylish design and a comfortable keyboard.

The battery life of the MSI GS63 Stealth-010 is ordinary, nevertheless, just like that of other gaming laptops on the market. The laptop is also somewhat pricey (price around 1000$). However, the MSI GS63 Stealth-010 is a great option if you require a high-powered gaming laptop from a reputable manufacturer.

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