Monero (XMR)

Monero is a cryptocurrency with a long history of mining, and the Monero community is currently working on several key measures to safeguard its mining community’s interests. In this respect, Monero (XMR) shall launch an upgrade called Tail Emission within the next few days.

As the title suggests, Tail Emission is a “minimum subsidy” “to keep fees reasonable, ensure a lower bound of network security, and enable dynamic block sizes.” In the context of tail emission, Monero has proposed that the Monero community has suggested that miners receive at least 0.6 XMR for every block created on Monero.


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It is different from the strategy used by Bitcoin, which allows block subsidy to be reduced to zero. The official announcement says:

The figure of 0.6 $XMR is a linear currency which means Monero’s inflation rate will never be lower than 0% forever. It implies that Monero is disinflationary, and unlike fiat and centralized cryptocurrency, it is identified, reliable, and can be predicted at any time shortly.

The Benefits of Monero Tail Emission

In digital assets like Bitcoin, the block subsidy will be zero in the future, and it means its security and security be dependent entirely on the transaction charges. However, the fee must be sufficient to provide a “competitive, decentralized mining environment.” In the absence of this, the number of miners and BTC hashrate will decrease dramatically to reach the equilibrium of markets.

At present, the transaction fee is a mere 1percent of the rewards in each block. The remaining 99% is comprised of block subsidy that is expected to fall to zero eventually. It leaves the long-term security assurances for Bitcoin in doubt.

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Monero will ensure that minors aren’t entirely dependent on transaction fees by implementing Tail Emission. It will provide a fixed source of income, regardless of the fees market.

The announcement states:

In addition, this will ensure that Monero is protected by a certain amount of security for the duration of its existence. Still, it also reduces the burden of security being 100 percent on transaction fees which allows transaction fees to be reasonable over the long run.

The Monero community has noted that Tail Emission can allow the implementation of an exclusive “DYNAMIC BLOCK SIZE.” It means that miners will instantly increase the size of their block to reduce the issue of congestion. This dynamic size allows for keeping blocks as small as possible at regular times.

The community notes that the tail emission ensures it is always fresh Monero entering the market and replacing some of the Monero lost due to clumsy users, which encourages commerce, as well as giving new users a chance to earn Monero with no KYC (mining!) regardless of the fees market.

The tail emission eventually leads to greater network scalability and the long-term protection of XMR transactions.

Source: Google News Trend

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