Happy news for viewers of Miss Scarlet and the Duke, the Victorian-era detective series! British actress Kate Phillips (Wolf Hall, The Crown) portrays Eliza Scarlet, Victorian London’s first female investigator, in the film Miss Scarlet and The Duke.

The historical crime thriller debuted in the UK two years ago, and it will make its U.S. broadcast premiere on PBS in early 2021.

After gaining popularity on both sides of the Atlantic, work on a second season began in Belgrade last summer. Over eight million Americans tuned in on Sunday night.

Miss Scarlet and the Duke Season 3 Release Date

Miss Scarlet & the Duke has been picked up for a third season by PBS. On October 16, a brand new season of #MissScarletPBS will premiere, but you probably already knew that. This was the message sent on the Masterpiece PBS Twitter account to announce the renewal. On January 8 2023 , the premiere of Season 3 will occur, so you won’t have to wait too long.

Miss Scarlet and the Duke Season 3 Cast

Kate Phillips plays Eliza Scarlet on the third season of Miss Scarlet and the Duke.

Stuart Martin plays “The Duke,” William Wellington.

Frank Jenkins, portrayed by Danny Midwinter

As Moses, Ansu Kabia

Actor Andrew Gower as Rupert Parker
Mr. Potts, played by Simon Ludders
PC Honeychurch, played by Matthew Malone
Ivy (Cathy Belton)
“Henry Scarlet,” portrayed by Kevin Doyle

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“Miss Scarlet and the Duke” Season 3 Plot

Following the events of Season 2’s finale, “The Proposal,” the new season will presumably continue the story. Writers Ben Edwards and Rachael New and director Ivan Zivkovic worked together on this episode. The official synopsis places the beginning of Season 2 a few months after Season 1: Though the personal case that plagued Eliza throughout Season 1 is finally resolved, her relationship with William (the Duke) remains on the brink, and she still faces the difficulties of being a female private investigator in male-dominated Victorian London.

Just as Eliza decides to cooperate with private investigator Nash, he is wounded while investigating the Duke and Eliza’s troubled relationship. Working together to solve the attempted murder, Eliza and Moses eventually discover that Eliza was the intended victim. The third season premiere of Miss Scarlet & the Duke is therefore anticipated to be based on this established concept.

It is also expected that the first episode of the new season will pick up any cliffhangers or subplots from the previous season and dive right into this universe with more experiments, giving viewers something new to explore instead of the same old ideas. The network needs fans to stream the series so that it can invest in producing high-quality content and storylines that centre on these beloved characters.

Many of the episodes have been well received by viewers, and this has piqued their interest in seeing the series when it debuts on streaming services. In light of the show’s rising popularity, it will be interesting to see if the creators decide to introduce anything new to the series in order to maintain fans’ interest.

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Is a trailer for Miss Scarlet and the Duke Season 3 accessible to watch online?

Not just yet

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