Michael Jackson Before and After Plastic Surgery

When it comes to plastic surgery, Many famous celebrites like Kylie Jenner Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Megan Fox, and many more have had plastic surgery to enhance their natural beauty.

Michael Jackson is one of the most famous celebrities who have undergone plastic surgery.He was a handsome young man before plastic surgery. He had a slender build and smooth, dark skin.He was a world-renowned pop singer and dancer. Jackson was one of the most successful musicians of all time. He released numerous hit albums and singles, and he won numerous awards throughout his career.Jackson’s appearance changed dramatically over the years, and it’s widely believed that he underwent multiple plastic surgery procedures. Let’s take a look at Michael Jackson before and after plastic surgery.

Michael Jackson Before and After Plastic Surgery

Jackson’s fixation with cosmetic procedures has become unhealthy. To be ” addicted to plastic surgery” does not imply that he has undergone ten or more procedures. ”

He had Jawline implants , chin implant, and his eyebrows raised surgically. Furthermore, he has likely had anywhere from five to ten or more rhinoplasty procedures over the course of his lifetime. The next step was to implant a cleft into his jaw. Considering that a cleft can’t be added without an implant, I believe he may have gotten one to make the change. Still, he put in a lot of effort toward bettering himself.

Why Michael Jackson had so many Plastic Surgery?

He did Plastic Surgery to himself so many times because his father used physical violence and verbal insults to humiliate him when he was a child. Because of this, he developed a condition known as “body dysmorphia disorder,” which led him to want to alter his appearance. All he wanted was to be what he considered attractive.

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It’s unfortunate that he did it, but all the press he received after undergoing so many cosmetic procedures helped propel him to even greater stardom. In the grand scheme of things, he is the king, and his plastic surgery choices should not be held against him.

Michael Jackson had his first nose job after breaking it while practicing intricate dance routines for his Off the Wall album. As a result of complications from his initial operation, he was unable to sing in higher registers and underwent additional surgery not long after.

Skin Disease

Both Vitiligo and Lupus, serious skin conditions, had taken a severe toll on him. Michael’s family history included vitiligo, which is an inherited condition.He was covered head to toe in white spots…. This is why he always felt the need to dress in full garb and apply heavy makeup. There was so little brown skin left on his body that he had to cover it up with white makeup. He aged into a more pristine white appearance as a result of his treatment. Anyone is susceptible to this, and it’s nearly always fatal:

The use of “particular drugs and ultraviolet light therapies” to “attempt to make the white areas turn dark” is one option, Klein said. In Jackson’s case, vitiligo “became so awful,” so “the easiest option is to apply certain creams”  “that will help the black areas turn light so you can level out the pigments completely.” Because of this problem he had done many surgeries to fix problems.

And then in 1987, after his skin had gone from black to white due to a skin ailment he had called vitiligo that affected the color of his skin by destroying the pigment in it.

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Finally, Because of many problems Michael Jackson as being “obsessed” with skin color. A more pertinent inquiry would have been why Michael’s skin tone changed to appear lighter with age. Over the course of his lifetime, he probably underwent five to 10 or more rhinoplasty operations.

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