Armie Hammer’s businessman father, Michael Armand Hammer, passed away from cancer. He was 67.He began his professional life in the investment banking industry before moving on to work for Occidental Petroleum, the firm his grandfather had created.

Along with his then-wife Dre Ann Mobley, Michael had children Armie in 1986 and Viktor in 1988. Misty Millward, Michael’s second wife, and their children Armie (7), Viktor (5), and Harper Grace (7), who Armie had with ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers, are among Michael’s surviving loved ones.

From 1985 till 2012, Michael and Mobley were happily married.Michael’s sister, Casey Hammer, claims that the businessman inherited the most of their grandfather’s $40 million wealth.

The House of Hammer, a new Discovery+ and ID docuseries, investigated the actor’s history of sexual misconduct claims from many women and the allegedly abusive upbringing of himself and other members of the Hammer family.

Several women came out in March of 2021 to accuse Armie of sexual assault. He said he did nothing wrong. Sources told E! News in February, “Armie is really serious to his recovery and has been incredibly consistent with it,” after he reportedly sought treatment for drug, alcohol, and sex misuse.

In 2017, Armie discussed the “serendipitous” circumstances of his mother, Dru Ann Mobley’s, introduction to Michael aboard a flight with Vulture. The two boys Michael and his ex-wife Dru raised are named Armie and Viktor.

“My dad went to the airport where his flight was to depart, got drunk, and then passed out. He overslept and then remembered, “Oh my God, I have a meeting!” So he phoned around to all the airlines and managed to get the last seat on the defunct Muse Air “the time Armie stated. “After a time of sitting in the middle seat, the 6-foot-2, highly claustrophobic man finally got up and said, “I’m so sorry, everybody, but I just can’t do this.” Is there anybody who would want to trade places with me?”

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Armie went on, “And whomever was sitting next to my mom was like “Yeah, I’ll exchange seats with you.” My mother and her boyfriend were flying, and he sat next to her, albeit he slept through the whole journey. My dad said, “Is that your boyfriend?” after they had been conversing for a while and seemed to be getting along well. My mother’s response was an emphatic “No.” And it was the seed from which the whole thing sprang.”

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