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Meru University Student Portal Login (MUST) is a place where students can learn about science and technology online from people who know a lot about them.

Our online courses will help you improve your IT skills and connect you to a community of learners from all over the world. You can reach your goals with the help of University of Science and Technology (MUST).

About Meru Univeristy of Science & Technology

MUST is committed to turning out graduates who are creative, competitive, and professional, and who have the knowledge and skills they need to make a difference in the world. This is done by the university by giving excellent education, training, and research. MUST spends a lot of money on dedicated professors, state-of-the-art equipment, research, and new technology. Our goal is to help our students become goal-oriented and self-reliant adults.

MUST believes in caring for each learner as a whole person. So, we strongly encourage our students to take part in at least one of the arts, sports, or extracurricular activities that the school offers.

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What are the available courses and programs in Meru University?
Miscellaneous (10)           SEM3-2019-2020 (2)        Bachelor Of Science in Agriculture (58)
Bachelor Of Science Agricultural Extension and Education (70)        Bachelor of Science in Horticulture (58)
Bachelor Of Science Agribusiness Management (58)            Bachelor Of Education Science (204)               Diploma In Agriculture (40)
Diploma in Food Science and Technology (9)          Diploma in Animal Health and Production (69)
Certificate in Animal Health and Production (40)   Bachelor Of Cooperative Management (73)
Bachelor Of Business Information Technology (70)              Bachelor Of Science in Economics (56)
Bachelor of Science in (Nursing) (69)         Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) (65)
Bachelor Of Science In Statistics (78)         Bachelor of Science In Actuarial Science (75)
PhD IN BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (16)       Diploma In Information Technology (38)
Certificate in Automotive Engineering (20)              Certificate In Information Technology (19)
Certificate in Building and Construction (13)           Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (21)
Diploma In Electrical Engineering (61)       Diploma in Supply Chain Management (28)
Diploma In Civil Engineering (49) Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical Engineering) (65)
Master of Science in Sanitation (21)           Bachelor of Education Technology (Mechanical Engineering) (71)
Bachelor of Education Technology (Civili Engineering) (12)               Bachelor of Education Technology (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) (53)
Diploma in Mechatronic Technology (24) Diploma in Automotive Engineering (22)
Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health (9)  Doctor of Philosophy in Molecular Medicine (6)
Bachelor of Science in Medical Microbiology (33) BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BIOCHEMISTRY (46)
Bachelor of science in Human Resource management (14)               Master of Science in Information Technology (13)
Diploma in Agriprenuership (19)   Diploma Horticultural Production (26)
Diploma in Construction Management (27)             Diploma in Business Management (23)
PhD in Education (15)      Diploma in Mechanical Production Technology (27)
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Address P.O Box ,972-60200 Meru Kenya
Phone +254 799529958 +254 799529959 +254 712 524 293 +254 777 524 293

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