For Abby Williams, who always seems to work hard at school. Williams grew up in a small town in central Pennsylvania and seemed unable to do homework or stop daydreaming in class. She said: “I cried in class because I couldn’t handle it and I couldn’t bear it.”

At some point, Williams did not perform well in school-she hardly attended a few classes and was so quiet that the teacher sometimes Noticed her absence. However, in my 16-year-old confusion, one day gave way to a “great moment of clarity.” Willard noticed that his mother had brought the school psychologist’s files during a consultation.

Her mother gave the document to the social worker for copying, and then put the document in her wallet. Later that night, William rummaged in his pocket for a file related to the psychological examination he performed when he was 12 years old. She, her mother, and her school psychologist have not talked about such a mysterious classification: slow cognitive rhythm.

Willard sometimes believes that he has ADHD or ADHD. Although he has never been diagnosed because he has attention problems, other symptoms (such as ADHD) do not work for him. On the Internet, the symptoms seem to be correct: there are problems with concentration, but there are also dreams, slow or fuzzy thinking, and general lack of energy. Currently, this is the so-called clinical construct-a term used in psychology to define a set of behavioral models.

Since the start of SCT research about 40 years ago, SCT research has been led by a small group of researchers, including a controversial psychologist and ADHD expert who insisted that SCT is a type that could affect millions of children and adolescents The clear disease. Adults. Proponents believe that making a formal diagnosis can make it easier for people with constructive symptoms to get the help they need, whether it’s getting help at school or work, or drugs that are more likely to work for them.

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The SCT study, which is still in its infancy, has not yet confirmed a formal diagnosis. Critics believe that this structure has fatal flaws and that SCT is the result of a misdiagnosis of ADHD, which may cause many people to be prescribed improper drugs.

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