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Medihelp provider login is an online secure access portal to MediHelp system. When it comes to healthcare, Medihelp medical aid is the way to go because it is both huge and experienced enough to trust and small enough to be approachable to its members.

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What is Medihelp Provider Login?

Medihelp’s sole mission is to provide for its members’ healthcare need as a self-administered medical aid. We welcome all South Africans, whether you are a student, a new employee looking to join a medical assistance, a business owner in need of a solid healthcare plan for your staff, or a parent trying to meet the demands of a growing family.

For over a century and a half, Medihelp has looked out for the best interests of its subscribers. For almost 95,000 people who have put their trust in us, we continue to be one of the top five medical aids in the business thanks to our responsiveness to customer feedback and our willingness to incorporate new technologies into our service.

We are confident in our abilities to navigate the South African healthcare system and mould Medihelp into a company that will be around for future generations of members and workers.

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How To Login MEdihelp Provider Online Access Account

Medihelp Provider Login

To get login access you need to follow the web page and enter your login details to get access into your account………

How To Reset Medihelp Provider Login Password

Medihelp Forgot Password?

To reset your login password you need to follow the link and then enter your registered email address to the provided…….. Click
on the submit button and system will check then send you password reset link………. open the link into web browser and follow the
instruction to reset your login password…………..

How To Register And Get Medihelp Provider Login Access Account

Medihelp Provider Registeration

To get sucessful register you need to follow the link and then enter all the information asked to the perovied field…… click on
Submit application and system………………..

How To Submit Medical Aid

Medihelp Medical Aid

If you are interested in a medical aid, complete the form below and an accredited adviser will get in touch with you……..

How To Download, Install And Use Medihelp Provider Login On Android

Medihelp Provider Login App Android

To get login access on your Android device….. you need to follow the link and install the app into your device………… launch
the app and then enter login details to get access on your personal smartphone………….


  1. Who administers Medihelp medical aid?

Medihelp is a member-owned, self-administered programme that handles administrative tasks such as claims processing and payment, preauthorization, and member communication.

  1. How do I get Authorisation from Medihelp?
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Enter the Member Zone of Medihelp and click “Pre-auths.” You can provide all the necessary information to through email. In order to speak with pre-authorization advisors from Medihelp, dial 086 0200 678. For dental care, contact Dental Risk Company (DRC) at 087 943 9618 or

  1. Is Medihelp a good medical aid?

Among the top five open medical aid systems in South Africa, Medihelp ranks highly, with over 200 thousand subscribers. Medihelp has a Global Credit Rating of AA- and a solvency ratio that is significantly higher than typical in the industry.

  1. How do I submit a claim to Medihelp?

Account information and payment confirmation should be sent to Log into the Member Zone of Medihelp’s website, and then select “Claims” > “Submit a claim” to start the claims process. Dental and optometry claims can be sent to Preferred Provider Negotiators and the Dental Risk Company (DRC) here (PPN).

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