Musical artist Matthew Weston Goss was born in the United Kingdom on September 29, 1968. He and his twin brother Luke were the lead singer and drummer for the pop band Bros in the ’80s. Five studio records under his individual name have been released by Goss.

The 53-year-old singer’s rise to popularity began in the 1980s, when he and his twin brother Luke Goss, also a famous musician, formed the popular boy band Bros.

Despite his subsequent success, including a recent 11-year sell-out residency on the Las Vegas strip, Matt has revealed that he and his brother had their share of difficulties growing up.

Recently, Matt gave an interview to Mail Online, where he said, “As a twin, when you’re younger, you pine for your own identity.

Matt Goss Current girlfriend Chantal Brown

The singer is rumoured to be dating jeweller Chantal Brown, the ex-wife of Paul Nicholls (the heartthrob from EastEnders).

In April, after being photographed together, Matt said to The Sun, “She is humorous and not preoccupied with social sites in any way.”

Since Chantal’s job as a jeweller doesn’t require her to be particularly sociable, she rarely does. Paul, a famous actor on a cleaning soap opera, and she had been married for seven years.When she began dating the famous singer Matt, she quickly became a public figure. This has led many people to wonder about the celebrity’s private life with their other half.

Due to the fact that Chantal is not a well-known figure, she has not been featured in a wide range of media outlets, and consequently, she is rarely the subject of widespread speculation.

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Matt Goss dating history

Famous ex-girlfriends

Melanie Sykes

During 1992, Matt dated actress Melanie Sykes. Matt formerly referred to the mother of his children as his “first true love,” but they just broke up following five-year relationship.

Martine McCutcheon

Rumor has it that EastEnders’ Martine dated Matt back in 1998.Although Martine was at the height of her celebrity as Tiffany Mitchell on the BBC soap, she and her rumoured lover kept mum about their connection.

Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca Ferguson, of Factor fame, was apparently Matt’s 2016 girlfriend.The father of two children, the former Factor competitor had previously teased on Lorraine about going on date with the fellow singer.
Brief History
From 2016–2017, Matt Goss dated Chloe Green; In 2016, he dated Rebecca Ferguson; In1998, he dated Martine McCutcheon; from 1998–2000, he dated Sophie Anderton; from 1992–1997, he dated Melanie Sykes; from 1988–1997, he dated Denise Pearson; from 1987–1988, he dated Jenny Powell.

Compromised Relationships Due to Mobile Dating Apps

Matt, like many celebrities, has had trouble finding real life romantic fulfilment. He recently revealed that he had been banned from a dating platform due to allegations of catfishing. In an interview with BBC Radio 5, he explained, “I got thrown off because they said, ‘We don’t think Matt Goss would like you emulating him.'”

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