Madi Brooks, a TikToker, Is it true that she and her mom and sister all live with the same husband

Madi Brooks, a TikToker

Numerous “TikTok stars” Madi Brooks, have emerged as a result of the platform’s viral videos, challenges, trends, and filters. TikTok user Madi Brooks caused a stir after she revealed that she “shares” her marriage with her mother and sister. There have been several successful “TikTok stars” who have emerged as a result of the site’s viral videos, challenges, trends, and filters.

Some TikTokers, however, were shocked to learn of Madi Brooks’ personal life and marriage after discovering her account.

It has been said that Madi Brooks “shares” her husband with her mother and sister.

TikTok star Madi became well-known after she said that she consents to her husband’s sexual encounters with their respective mothers and sisters.

Within the context of one of her films, Madi explains, “I and my mum are both swingers and it’s fantastic, you know why?” If my spouse is in the mood for her, I can easily let him have her.

You guessed it; I’m that kind of wife. Sometimes a week, I’ll even let my hubby see her. Despite her profession being a teacher, TikTok and her husband currently make their home in the United States.

Madi’s videos on TikTok have gone viral after she admitted allowing her spouse to have sexual relations with her mother and sister.

I’m a wife like that, you know? I give her to my spouse twice a week.

The TikToker, who calls herself a teacher, and her American husband are residents of the country.

To date, 8.1 million people have watched her video, and Madi has over 111,000 subscribers.

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Her other videos include her buddies who swing, but it’s reasonable to say that many of her followers on social media are confused by her domestic situation.

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How can you “swing”?

Swingers are people or couples who choose to be in an open relationship and allow their partners to have affairs with other people.

The idea of having more than one partner is an important part of the culture.

Reality shows like Sister Wives, which started on TLC in 2010, show these kinds of relationships.

The TV show is about the polygamist Brown family, which is made up of father Kody Brown, his four wives Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, and their 18 children.

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