Reviews are in for Lindsay Lohan’s Christmas movie, “Falling for Christmas.” and lets check out who are saying what  ?

‘Falling for Christmas’ Reviews

Johnny Oleksinski of writes “Her connection with Jake, played by Overstreet, is almost nonexistent. These generic holiday films that have sprung up on streaming services with the efficiency of mice in New York have one thing in common: they aspire to be terrible. These are prime targets for the cynicism of today’s youth. We’d have a movie if “Falling for Christmas” merely gave Sierra more depth and made us believe she was in love with Jake instead of just smiling at everyone. It’s a stunt that everyone saw coming.”

Indiewire Wrote “It doesn’t bother Lohan one bit when people make jokes at her expense that are self-deprecating, or when they make her appear dumb as she gets filthy with physical comedy involving raccoons, toilets, or the ski accident that was discussed earlier. These are the times when Lohan glows, and the blooper video that comes before the credits demonstrates that her radiance even extended to the set.”

Pinkvilla review it as “It turns out that Falling for Christmas is not the best holiday season romantic comedy that is now available because it is only another addition to the already extensive roster of movies that have in the past employed comparable clichés. The fact that the actress is making her way back into the spotlight, though, is cause for jubilation for Lohan’s most devoted fans.”

Falling for Christmas Plot

This year’s Christmas movie schedule begins with Falling for Christmas, starring Lindsay Lohan in her return role. The story centres on Sierra Belmont (Lindsay Lohan), the heiress of the Belmont hotel chain, who is flown by her father Beauregard (Jack Wagner) to his posh ski resort to discuss her new position as the Vice President of Atmosphere. And yet, Sierra and her British social media influencer boyfriend Tad have other ideas (George Young). In preparation for her lunch with Daddy, Sierra is given a personal assistant (Chase Ramsey) and a glam squad. However, fate steps in when Belmont suffers a catastrophic fall, knocking out Tad on one side of the mountain and Sierra on the other, right before the couple is set to make their engagement social media official. Following Sierra suffers severe amnesia after her accident, leading her to forget who she is, she is saved by widowed single parent Jake Russell (Chord Overstreet), who proceeds to take care of her.

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While recovering from her memory loss at Jake’s North Star lodge, Sierra takes the opportunity to do some of the everyday activities she missed out on while living the privileged life of an heiress. Avy (Olivia Perez), Jake’s daughter, and Alejandra, his mother-in-law, become close to Sierra as she learns to take care of herself around the house, from making her own bed to preparing meals (Alejandra Flores). As Jake struggles to keep his bed and breakfast afloat in the face of competition from swanky resorts, Sierra, who temporarily goes by the name Sarah before remembering who she really is, offers to provide a hand. To what extent Sierra and Jake’s affections for one another continue to grow when Belmont remembers her actual nature is a mystery that unfolds throughout the course of the holiday season.

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