Kyle Christie is still unhappy despite spending £11,000 on surgery.

The reality star has opened up about his unhappiness with his new look.The actor of MTV’s “Geordie Shore” had hair transplants so he could sport a beard like the rest of the ensemble. To know more about why Kyle Christie is still unhappy despite spending £11,000 on surgery read the whole post.

“Kyle remarked,” “I wasted a year getting cosmetic surgery and other freebies, and it didn’t make me happy. You need only learn to appreciate yourself.”After hearing rumours on the radio that he had spent £11,000 on plastic surgery, Kyle strongly denied the claims.

Kyle Christie strongly denied reports that he had spent $11,000 of his own money, saying he was powerless to do so because “children are starving” everywhere. He elaborated, “I had residual follicles with my hair; I got a hair transplant; the only thing that makes me upset is that I didn’t spend a lot of money on it.

Never in a million years would I drop $11,000 on my appearance. I’m not that stupid, so I wouldn’t waste that kind of money on something that would just sit on my face.

Spending $11,000 on my face when there are starving children in the world is ridiculous. The heavily tattooed TV celebrity used the cash to get a bushy beard to go with his newly thickened locks.

It was also stated that his thinning hair was causing him to suffer from a “confidence problem.” Kyle, according to Dr. Kumari of the Hair Transplant Centre in Liverpool, fashioned his own hairline.

His lack of self-assurance was something he freely revealed to Mirror Celeb. Since he is in the television industry, it is expected that he will make every effort to present himself favourably.

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Alterations Made to Kyle’s Appearance

Kyle became famous for his many plastic surgeries and his appearances on “Geordie Shore” and “The Challenge,” all of which have made him nearly unrecognisable.

Over time, he’s undergone a hair transplant, chin and jaw contouring, a beard transplant, and a nose job. And how much do you think he shelled out for the effort? Zero. Yes, you did read that accurately.

He told The Sun in 2017 that reports that his surgery set him back £11,000 are exaggerated. He said, “I didn’t spend $11,000, it’s stupid; I got it done for free.

I spent a year taking advantage of free services and cosmetic procedures, but that wasn’t the key to happiness; all I needed was to learn to appreciate and cherish who I already was. Actually, I’m not any happier than I was before; I just have greater self-esteem regarding my physical looks.

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