Lee Ji-death has devastated the K-pop community. The young performer was one among more than 150 people who died on October 29 in Seoul, South Korea, during a Halloween event. He was 24.

Lee Jihan, a popular singer and actor in South Korea, was one of the victims of the tragic crowd crush that occurred in Itaewon, Seoul. The revelation was verified on Sunday by the star’s two agencies (935 Entertainment and 9Ato Entertainment) (Oct. 30). He was 24.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the statement stated, “We are heartbroken to share such news today, but Lee Ji-han has gone suddenly amid the crowd in Itaewon last night.” We want his family to know how sorry we are about the horrible news that they’ve just received, and that the hearts of those of us who knew and cared about him are breaking.

Continuing, the agency said, “Every time Lee Ji-han greeted us, he did it with a beaming grin. He was a ball of bright energy with a serious dedication to his craft. It’s quite tough to accept that we’ve lost contact with him forever. Tell Lee Ji-han how much you’ll miss him. His legacy will live on in our hearts forever.”

Lee Jihan, a Korean pop star who made his debut on the scene on August 3, 1998, was one of 101 contestants in the second season of the Korean singing competition Produce 101. The contestants were all trying to win a seat in an 11-member boy band.

The Seoul Halloween Stampede of 10/30/2022 has resulted in the cancellation and postponement of several upcoming K-pop events and album releases.At least 153 people, including Lee Jihan, were killed in a mob crush in Seoul over the weekend. National mourning in Korea has been declared by the government to extend until November 5. Since the incident, several K-pop concerts and album drops have been delayed or cancelled.

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Twitter was flooded with mournful tributes to the late K-pop artist Ji-han as the news broke “Lee Jihan, a member of the group Produce 101, was a victim of the Itaewon Stampede and has since passed away. You are the most wonderful and lovely person in the world, and we will miss you terribly.”

Another user chimed in, “I didn’t believe that Lee Jihan had been killed in the Itaewon disaster at first; even after I stopped looking, I didn’t believe it; and when the agency confirmed the tragic news, I broke down in the wee hours of the night. My deepest condolences, oppa.”

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