Khloe Kardashian Son First Look

Khloe Kardashian  Son First Look

Khloé offered viewers their first peek at the birth of her kid in Thursday’s season 2 opener of The Kardashians, months after her ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson’s paternity issue broke.

Kim Kardashian, who was fortunate to be present during her sister’s surrogate’s delivery on July 28 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, captured the touching event on film.

As soon as Kim, 41, pulled Khloé, 38, up, Khloé’s anxiety was evident. Khloé said she was “not ready” to accept another kid. But Kim comforted her sibling, saying, “you’re never ready, but you’re ready.”

Inside the hospital, Kim took pictures of the staff getting ready for the delivery. Then the moment of truth arrived, and the surrogate started pushing.

While medics urged the woman to keep pushing, Kim whipped out the camera and caught Khloé taking off her mask and covering her face with her hands. Her son arrived with a tiny cry just seconds later.

In an emotional confessional, Khloé recalled the happy event, stating, “I’m incredibly appreciative. Having the opportunity to experience it is a blessing.

Since December, it has been looming over me like a black cloud. For the past several months, I’ve been struggling with despair and sadness on a daily basis; however, with the birth of my baby, I’ve finally been able to put those feelings behind me and start living again. To put this horrible experience to rest and go on would be like closing that book. As she spoke, a video montage showing her and Kim caring for the baby appeared on screen.

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“At last, I can start the road to recovery. The stress of figuring out my future is lifted, and I can enjoy my time with my two kids. The first day of anything lovely, nice, and good is finally here.

Khloé let Tristan see his son despite their quarrel

Khloé’s family couldn’t visit her in the hospital while she was recovering after giving birth to True because of the some reasons. Despite their conflict Khloé allowed Tristan visit his son in the hospital. I wasn’t sure if I should, but I allowed Tristan in. She admitted, “This time is gone forever.”

The 31-year-old couple, Khloe Kardashian and Tristan, welcomed their daughter True in 2018. In 2021, they were able to reconnect with one another. After Khloé found out Tristan was expecting a child with another woman, she broke their relationship. Tristan and Maralee Nichols made their pregnancy announcement in the same month.

Khloé claims that despite his best efforts to have a second child with her, Tristan has never brought up the subject of who the biological father is. It was in December that they “learned of Tristan’s plight,” she claimed, after they had already begun the embryo transfer for their second kid before Thanksgiving.

When Khloé was dealing with Thompson’s infidelity, she kept the pregnancy news from her surrogate.

While she has yet to announce her pregnancy publicly, Khloé explained, “I want to keep this discreet for my loved ones.” “For months, I’ve heard how naive I am. I can’t imagine it.”

Concerned, she waited. “That’s terrible; everyone seems so judgmental, and yet here you are trying to shield a helpless bystander from the inevitable consequences of this leak.

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The family of Khloé continued to show their support, despite their disappointment in Tristan.

Kylie, 25 years old, elaborated, “It’s not about the baby, it’s how this went down.”

I hate sadness and feel terrible that my sister has to go through this.

She expressed her displeasure with Tristan, saying, “I’m quite dissatisfied with Tristan.”

This can’t be tolerated, he knew his second child was on the way, which is wrong.

Khloé’s sisters Kim and Kris were worried about her mood and offered to throw her a baby shower.

It’s difficult to sway her views, but Kim has conceded that the atmosphere needs to be brightened up and made more celebratory.

It doesn’t look like this is going to happen on its own, so I think we should give her a little push in the correct way to get her thinking about having another child.

“It’s a lot, and I get the sense you’re numb,” a tearful Kris, 66, said to Khloé. “So my emotion comes from wanting you to enjoy it.”

This is the best time of your life, and I hope you will remember it fondly as you get older.

She referred to the last adultery scandal involving Tristan before True was born, saying, “I feel bad for her that the joy was sort of snatched again.”

This child will bring us so much love, joy, and excitement; he must demonstrate what true love looks like, as Kim subsequently told Khloé at her baby shower.”

The name of Khloé’s unborn boy will not be revealed for quite some time.

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As she drove her child home, Khloé cracked, “No name Johnson, over here,” setting the tone for the last moments of the programme.

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