In this full-body kettlebell exercise, you will use the triple threat of full-body exercise and tactical ladder repetition to push the limit and stay there to cope with the increasing calories.

The best part? This requires only one piece of equipment: medium weight or heavier weight. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but trust me: Kettlebells are your ticket to faster exercise. This is the same weight as dumbbells, and… these cannonball dumbbells are perfect for increasing your heart rate through HIIT, while increasing strength, endurance, muscle and strength to achieve high weight. Even today, kettlebells are not fully used and underestimated.

As MH hero Arnold Schwarzenegger said, muscles cannot see what is in your hands. And because kettlebells are compact, adaptable and versatile, they are ideal equipment for home training fighters. Do these exercises in a row, rest only enough time to maintain a good body shape, but break all the exercises that you must do without interruption. Perform each round of repetitions in descending order, starting with 20 repetitions of each movement, then 19 repetitions of each movement, and then 18 repetitions; going down the stairs until it ends with 630 repetitions of the burning muscle crescendo.

Kettlebell Swing x 20-1 times represents the first group focusing on strengthening the back chain. Hold the kettlebell between your legs, twist your hips, and then lose weight (A). Swing your hips forward, then rattle the bell explosively. To the eyeliner (B). Let the impulse take you back to the second repetition. repeat.

Kettlebell squat x 20-1 repetitions. The next leg. When standing, bring the dumbbells close to your chest (A).Lower the hips and squat down (B); at the bottom, the elbows should be almost between the knees. Move up and contract the hips.

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You can press heavy objects on your chest, but it is important to keep breathing. Your chest and triceps are working. Assume a push-up position, but grab the kettlebell with your left hand. Do push-ups (A). Extend both arms and move your arms to one side until your right arm exceeds your weight. Now do another climb (B). Repeat the alternating edges for each representative.

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