Kate Bush Net Worth Bio, Age, Career, Husband And Children

Catherine Bush CBE is a multi-talented English musician who has performed on piano, keyboard, vocals, and dance floors. At the tender age of 19, she became the youngest person ever to have a song at the top of the UK Singles Chart with “Wuthering Heights.” Here is the complete details Kate Bush Net Worth: Bio, Age, Career, Husband And Children given.

Kate Bush Net Worth 2022

Kate Bush is a multi-talented English performer who has amassed a fortune of $40 million. She is also known for her work as a musician, dancer, and record producer. Throughout the ’80s, Kate Bush was one of the most successful British music artists. Some of her most well-known songs and albums are “Wuthering Heights,” “Babooshka,” “Don’t Give Up,” and “Running Up That Hill,” as well as “Never for Ever” and “Hounds of Love.”

Bush was the first British female artist to top the UK Albums Chart on her alone, and she has gone on to inspire a wide variety of musicians. Bush received the honorary title of “Commander, Most Excellent Order of the British Empire” in 2013 and has been nominated for three Grammy Awards. She’s the only female artist to have albums in the top five of the UK charts in each of the last five decades.

Kate Bush Bio

At a home in Bexleyheath, Kent, England on July 30, 1958, Robert Bush and Hannah Daly became the proud parents of a daughter they named Catherine. Her mother worked as a nurse and passed away in 1992, and her father was a doctor who went away in 2008. Kate’s mother’s family is from Ireland, while her father’s family is from England, so she has dual heritage. Despite being the youngest, Bush has skilled older and younger brothers. The oldest of the bunch, Patrick dabbles in music, painting, and production. John Bush, on the other hand, is a photographer of extraordinary vision.

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A former farmhouse in East Wickham served as her home when she was a small child. She is deeply rooted in the Catholic faith because of her upbringing. She inherited her talent for dance and piano playing from her mother and father, respectively. The actress also studied Karate at Goldsmiths College while attending St. Joseph’s Convent Grammar School. John, Kate Bush’s older brother, paid for her karate training when money was scarce. Her focus, though, was on the show business. She trained with interpretive dance guru Lindsay Kemp. This means that Kate Bush’s wealth is the result of years of toil and effort. She dropped out of college to follow her passion.

Kate Bush husband and children

Bush wed Del Palmer, a musician and engineer, in 1978. After a lengthy courtship and eventual marriage, the couple decided to divorce in 1993. She eventually wed Danny McIntosh in 1993, and the couple is now the doting parents of a son named Bertie.

Kate Bush Career

More than fifty of Bush’s early works were recorded on a demo tape by her family. David Gilmour, guitarist for Pink Floyd, obtained a copy of the cassette from a mutual friend. When he heard Bush play, he was so impressed that he had him record three songs and then enlist the help of his buddy, the accomplished musician Andrew Powell, to produce a high-quality cassette. After this, EMI executive Terry Slater heard the tape and signed Bush to the label. Bush took some time off after receiving a sizable bonus to pursue dance and mime studies. She was also the lead singer for a band called the KT Bush Band, which played in London pubs.

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Bush’s first studio album, “The Kick Inside,” was published in 1978. The album did quite well, and it yielded the successful songs “Wuthering Heights” and “The Man with the Child in His Eyes.” EMI pressured Bush to rapidly record her follow-up album, “Lionheart,” in order to capitalise on her success. However, despite its success, the record was unable to match the commercial success of its predecessor. To continue having creative control over her work, Bush went on to form her own publishing and management firms. A huge concert tour, her first and only, was included in her itinerary.

Kate Bush 1980s Hits

Kate Bush third studio album, 1980’s “Never for Ever,” was her most successful to date. The album was a huge success, becoming Bush the first British female artist to have a solo album debut at number one on the UK Albums Chart. Additionally, the smash song “Babooshka” was derived from the album “Never for Ever.” First album to chart on the Billboard 200, “The Dreaming” was released by Bush in 1982.

The publication of “Hounds of Love,” Bush’s fifth studio album, in 1985, catapulted her into the stratosphere of popular music. It topped the UK Albums Chart and was the source of the number one smash single “Running Up That Hill.” The songs “Cloudbusting,” “The Big Sky,” and “Title Track” were all released as singles from the album. In 1986, Bush released the breakthrough single “Don’t Give Up,” a collaboration with Peter Gabriel; her greatest hits album, “The Whole Story,” also did well, reaching number one in the UK for the third time. Bush ended the decade with the release of “The Sensual World,” which peaked at number two on the UK Albums Chart.

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Kate Bush Other Albums

The Red Shoes,” Bush’s seventh studio album, was released in 1993. Although it only peaked at #2 in the UK, its performance in the US was impressive, propelling it to #28 on the Billboard Hot 100. “Rubberband Girl,” “Moments of Pleasure,” and “Title Track” were all successful singles from the album. After the release of “The Red Shoes,” Bush fell out of the spotlight. One of her most successful songs in the UK, “King of the Mountain,” was released from her eighth studio album, “Aerial,” which she released in late 2005. Bush’s next two albums, “Director’s Cut,” a compilation album, and “50 Words for Snow,” a concept album, were both published in 2011. Five years later, in 2019, she released “Before the Dawn,” a live CD from her 2014 shows in London. Bush’s greatest hits CD, “The Other Sides,” was released this year (2019).

“Running Up That Hill” and “Stranger Things

‘Running Up That Hill’s’ popularity skyrocketed in 2022 thanks to its prominent placement in episode four of the fourth season of the Netflix series ‘Stranger Things.’ As a result, the song climbed to the top of the UK Singles Chart and the top three on the US Billboard Hot 100, as well as becoming Spotify’s most-streamed music in numerous countries. The album “Hounds of Love,” which “Running Up That Hill” was originally featured on, also had renewed success and peaked at number 21 on the Billboard 200 charts.

Genre of Music

Bush has a reputation for blending a wide variety of musical styles into her work, including progressive pop, experimental pop, art pop, and glam rock. Her songs are filled with literary and historical references, and she has a dramatic soprano range. Her music frequently features gothic undertones and a morbid sense of humour.

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