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This crime drama series, titled “Jungle,” combines rap music and arthouse cinematic style. There are a lot of slow-mo shots and hedonistic imagery in this tale of two protagonists who are both trying to better their lives. After reading this, you may be curious as to whether or not the series will continue. What we learn so far is as follows:

What is Jungle Season 1 Plot ?

The events of Jungle take place in an unnamed future London, where neon signs illuminate the city’s tall buildings. It’s essentially Blade Runner 2077, but there’s a severe deficiency in worldbuilding.

Essentially, the tale is cut in half, with the first three episodes focusing on one character and the remaining episodes veering wildly in the opposite direction, following a different player. In the first three, our protagonist, Gogo, gets involved in one final daring theft with his companion, Slim, in an effort to turn his life for the better. When the security guy is killed in cold blood, things quickly go downhill. Gogo struggles to avoid being killed by his brother 6ix and the rest of the guard gang who are out for blood.

The second part of the book shifts its focus to a different character named Marcus, who like Danial wants to make a fresh start and set a good example for his younger sibling. The fact that he develops feelings for the lovely and gifted Bianca only makes his murky background more obvious.

Is there going to be a second season of Jungle?

Amazon has not yet picked up Jungle for a second season. Despite the open-ended conclusion, the nature of this arthouse series makes it more of a one-and-done affair. While the story’s ideas are powerful, the characters’ shallowness is a major flaw.

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Similarly, both fans and critics have been on opposite sides of the fence about this series. It’s clear that opinions on this show will be strongly divided.Our research leads us to believe that Amazon will not order a second season of Jungle.

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