In the upcoming “Wicked” films, Jonathan Bailey will play the role of Fiyero, as confirmed by director Jon M. Chu.In the two-part film adaptation, the “Bridgerton” star will play Fiyero alongside Ariana Grande as Glinda and Cynthia Erivo as Elphaba. In 2024 and 2025, Universal Pictures will release two films for the holiday season.

Elphaba’s transformation into the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda’s transformation into the Good Witch are explored in “Wicked,” a prequel to “The Wizard of Oz” that follows their respective stories.

To expand our creative potential, we decided to make two separate “Wicked” films instead of just one. When Chu first announced the two-parter, he did so in a statement. More room means more depth and more surprises for these well-loved characters as we tell the story of “Wicked” as it was always meant to be told.

There’s plenty of plot to go around in Wicked, what with it being based on a 400-page novel and all (the musical itself lasts nearly three hours). So that as much of the original story as possible can be included in the film adaptation, it will be split into two parts.

In order to avoid “doing some destruction” to the story of Wicked, director Jon M. Chu decided to split the films into two parts.

Written by Stephen Schwartz and Winnie Holzman, the “Wicked” film adaptation features the music and lyrics from the original Broadway production. Since its 2003 Broadway debut, the musical has amassed over $1 billion in ticket sales. The Lion King” is the only Broadway musical to earn more money than this one.

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The movies will be produced by Marc Platt, whose company is based at Universal. Likewise, David Stone will be a producer. Erik Baiers, Universal’s senior executive vice president of production, and Lexi Barta, their vice president of production development, will be in charge of the production.

Since the mid-1990s, Jonathan Bailey has consistently worked in theatre and on television, with his most notable roles appearing in Bridgerton, Crashing, and Chewing Gum. On Showtime’s adaptation of Fellow Travelers, he will next be seen as Matt Bomer’s romantic interest.

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