The coronavirus pandemic has seen unprecedented and countless acute events. Good Samaritans are trying to help people affected by the virus, including this 38-year-old man who provided rations and medicines. Santosh Kumar Panda from Jharkhand has been working hard to provide people who have tested positive and are in home quarantine with the daily necessities, food rations and medicines.

A resident of Kiriburu Panda said that he received at least 10 or more calls asking for rations and medicines, and that he would sit down at no extra charge. Do as much as you can. At least 5 or 6 points are delivered every day. But with the increase in infections everywhere, Panda stated that all necessary precautions need to be taken before starting.

He wears personal protective equipment to protect himself from direct contact with others, and his wife ensures that the items he carries are cleaned and disinfected every day. Panda stated that it accepts orders on WhatsApp and insists that people send payments via digital media. He added that many people have recently come to help him, helping to provide medicines and rations to those in need. Panda is not the only kind soul that can help those in need.

The Covid-19 crisis aroused heated discussions among people, and they were so moved that they took the opportunity to help others. Patna, the sister duo, recently launched an aid program. The quarantined coronavirus patient Anupama Singh, 32, and her mother Kundan Devi cook at their home in Patna Rajendranagar, while the former’s sister Nilima Singh, 26, provides shopping bags.

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There are similar examples in cities like Bangalore, where they work independently and in groups, doing their best to help strangers. Many people start to help their friends and family, but then realize the importance of what they need. Everyone is afraid to leave home. These Samaritans smiled and worked tirelessly.

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