Jesenea Miron

Who is Jesenea Miron? California Hospital Nurse Tried To Steal Newborn, Officials Says!: The most recent information came from California, where authorities detained a lady named Jesenea for allegedly taking the infants. The arrest of a 23-year-old woman for allegedly trying to kidnap a baby has been made public by the riverfront police department. The identification of the lady who was detained has also been made public by the Riverside Police Department.

Jesenea Miron has been named as the person who was arrested. She is from Moreno Valley and is presently 23 years old. The Riverside University Health System Medical Center was the location of Miron’s arrest on Friday, July 15, according to police records. Miron was accused of attempting to take a baby from the facility.

Jesenea Miron

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Authorities are presently holding the arrested lady in custody on suspicion of abduction. Miron is being jailed in lieu of a $1 million bail. They further claimed that Miron pretended to be a nurse to enter the hospital and take the child. Jesenea Miron went into the hospital and pretended to be a nurse. She came close to being successful in removing a newborn from the hospital. However, a member of the medical staff confronted her as she was taking a baby. The employee who challenged her phoned security right away, and Miron was detained.

Who is Jesenea Miron?

Although there is yet no information indicating that Miron went there to abduct a particular infant or just any baby at random. The Riverside Police Department reported that they received a call from the hospital on Thursday at about 10:30 A.M. and that officers were dispatched to the scene as soon as they received this report. They went on to say that Miron entered the hospital grounds, identified herself as a recently hired nurse, and then walked straight toward the infant ward with the intention of stealing the child.

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Jesenea Miron

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Nurse Steals Newborn:

When she was challenged by hospital officials, she was holding a baby from the ward. The suspicious nurse carrying a newborn was reported to the security division by that employee right away. Miron escaped the hospital grounds before police could arrive after being stopped by security. Later, on Friday, she was taken into custody in Moreno Valley by police officers. She acknowledges that in order to steal the infant from the hospital, she pretended to be a nurse. Nevertheless, this situation is still being investigated.

Due to security concerns, the authorities have withheld more information regarding this case. This occurrence also makes one wonder about the hospital’s security measures. Is it really so simple to enter a hospital under the pretence of being an employee and take infants? About the arrested convict in this case, not much is known at this time. Stay connected with us for the most recent news, updates, and information from both domestic and international sources.

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