Jennifer Lopez  has been the one to repeatedly deny undergoing plastic surgery, yet it is undeniable that she does not appear like she does in her older photos. Yet, several plastic surgeons believe that Jenny next door has had at least a rhinoplasty. That’s not her nose anymore. There has been a slimming and refining effect. There have been rumours of more invasive facial operations as well. We think that her remarkably youthful appearance is due in part to her healthy lifestyle and a few simple, non-invasive cosmetic procedures. To know more about Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery Before and After keep reading.

 Jennifer Lopez has had Filler

Ms. Lopez’s lips look larger and plumper in recent images compared to those taken before her “Bennifer” days, which occurred more than 15 years ago. When the singer was in a public romance with actor Ben Affleck, her thin lips were a tabloid favourite. While her natural pout receives less attention than Kylie Jenner’s, it still has us wondering. Juva Skin and Laser Center Director Dr. Bruce Katz of New York City said the 46-year-fullness old’s is the result of cosmetic operations. He speculated that “possibly Juvederm or Restalyne injected to plump the lips.” She doesn’t appear too made up,” he continued. She’s merely making up for age-related volume loss. She’s gorgeous. She’s improved as she’s gotten older.

Jennifer has had a Rhinoplasty

The possibility exists that Jennifer has had a Rhinoplasty.”It looks like her nostrils have shrunk and her nose is narrower across the bridge compared to prior pictures.

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“Nose job surgery, also known as an alar base reduction, is performed to minimise the appearance of a large nose. Only surgery, not contouring, would allow for such a radical change in the appearance of one’s nose.

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Jennifer has had breast implant

Jennifer Lopez has given enough public performances for it to be assumed that she has had breast augmentation. A breast implant is used during a breast augmentation treatment to alter the breast’s size, contour, or fullness. My guess is that she aimed for a form that would blend in with her body, therefore she may have even opted for an anatomical  implant.

Jennifer Lopez had Botox

Recent photographs of the celebrity suggest that she has a smoother, less wrinkled face, which may be the result of make-up, deft lighting, or even brief anti-wrinkle injections.
Jennifer must have had some assistance, according to facial plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Pearlman of New York City, who is positive about this. He stated, “I believe she’s had Botox because there are no lines on her forehead and there are no crow’s feet, but she’s had it done in the past.” “I believe she’s had Botox because there are no lines on her forehead and there are no crow’s feet.”

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