Jenna Dewan Before and After Plastic Surgery

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Jenna Dewan is one of the most successful actresses, dancers, and producers in Hollywood. When discussing Jenna Dewan’s plastic surgery she had plastic surgery like other celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner .When looking at her photos from before her rise to fame, it is clear that she had a much rounder face with fuller cheeks and a wider nose. In comparison, her current photos show a much more angular face with a slimmer nose and more defined cheekbones. While Kim and Kylie have had more dramatic changes to their faces, Jenna’s changes are much more subtle and could be attributed to makeup or other non-surgical methods.

Jenna Dewan Before and After Plastic Surgery

Jenna Dewan recently revealed that she has had plastic surgery in the past. She had a breast augmentation  to maintain a youthful look. Her decisions to use plastic surgery and injectables were made to feel better about herself and her body. She also believes that everyone should make their own decisions about what makes them feel the most confident and secure.

Breast augmentation

Jenna Dewan recently underwent a breast augmentation procedure in order to enhance her physical appearance. This procedure was performed by a certified plastic surgeon, and she is said to be pleased with the results. Though Jenna Dewan has not publicly commented on the procedure, her friends and family have expressed their support.

Cheek implants

Jenna Dewan recently made headlines when she revealed her decision to undergo cheek implants. The procedure was done by a board-certified plastic surgeon for a natural-looking result and has been praised by many in the medical community as a safe and effective way to enhance facial features. Jenna has stated that she is very pleased with the outcome and hopes to encourage her fans to feel empowered to make decisions that make them feel beautiful.

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Jenna Dewan recently made headlines after confirming that she has had Botox treatments in the past. She discussed her experience with the treatment, expressing that she believes it is important to feel comfortable in one’s own skin and that it was her personal decision to get Botox to help her feel more confident. Jenna further stressed the importance of research, education, and discussion prior to making any decisions about cosmetic treatments.

Nose job

Rhinoplasty is a procedure that alters the shape of the nose. Rhinoplasty can be done to improve breathing, the look of the nose, or both. The lower section of the nose structure is cartilage, and the higher part is made of bone. Rhinoplasty can alter bone, cartilage, muscle, or any combination of the three. Ask our surgeon if a rhinoplasty is necessary and what results it can produce.

While planning a rhinoplasty, our surgeon will take into account your other facial features, the skin on your nose, and what you would like to change. If you’re a good candidate for surgery, our surgeon can develop a unique plan just for you.

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