Jeff Garlin's Death in the First Episode of Season 10 of The Goldbergs

Jeff Garlin (Murray)Death Before Season 10 of “The Goldbergs”

Murray Goldberg, played by Jeff Garlin, is the patriarch of the Philadelphia-based Goldberg family that has been the focus of ABC’s “The Goldbergs.” Garlin has announced his permanent departure from the show.

The 10th season debut on Wednesday night opened with a large time leap, by which point Garlin’s father had already passed away. An adult Adam Goldberg begins the episode by describing how quickly the summers of the 1980s pass.

“Definitely, time flies while you’re having fun. The pace can be a bit excessive at times, but in that year there was one incident that put a halt to everything “Goldberg pauses as the camera focuses on Murray’s vacant recliner. “A sudden illness took my dad’s life just a few months ago. Dad, you’ll always be loved. And we’ll figure out how to move forward as a unit. Seeing as how we are the Goldbergs and all.”

In this episode, Beverly  Murray’s wife, is seen going through his things in an effort to locate his missing armchair. While waiting for his dad to come home, Barry  constructs a “Field of Dreams” in the backyard.

According to showrunner Alex Barnow’s interview with Entertainment Weekly, “this is going to be a family that has not processed the fact that their father’s gone but has sort of moved on and has coped with a lot of it.” We’re looking forward to [Erica’s] new baby and the future in general. Because of the interesting emotional underpinning for people’s current behaviour, this presents a unique opportunity.

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Barnow said Garlin “knows he’s not being replaced.” “I don’t know if he knows his fate, but I assume he does,” he says. Since the beginning of writing, we haven’t had a conversation in which he clarified this.

The forthcoming pregnancy of and the future are both sources of optimism for us. It provides a window into the fascinating psychological underpinnings of human behaviour.


Co-showrunner Chris Bishop says that the loss of Murray and Erica’s pregnancy make it feel like “a huge reboot” for the show. “We have a lot going for us as we start this new season.”

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