Jackie Chan, the original film’s actor, has announced he is in discussions to return in Rush Hour 4.

Rush Hour 4 is in production, according to the 68-year-old martial arts legend, who was recently seen at the Red Sea International Film Festival, as reported by Variety.

As he disclosed, “we’re discussing about Rush Hour 4” at the moment.

Following the success of Rush Hour, which grossed $244 million worldwide, two further instalments starring Chan and Tucker were produced.

Chan said, “There are a lot of excellent action stars.” I’m not better at acting than other people; I just know how to develop a story that works for me. Changing the camera’s perspective will allow me to perform better. When I go home from work, I self-reflect and think about how I may improve my behaviour in light of what I’ve learned.

Despite the fact that he seems to be back in action with Rush Hour 4, Chan has said that he plans to focus more on romantic comedies and less on action films in the future.

Rush Hour 4 potential release date

On September 18, 1998, Rush Hour was released, then on August 3, 2001, its sequel, and on August 10, 2007, its third instalment.

It’s quite doubtful that shooting on the fourth picture will begin any time soon, putting the earliest possible release date in 2023. That would put the release date no earlier than the summer of 2024.

Rush Hour 4 cast:

It was announced that Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker will reprise their roles as the incompatible Chief Inspector Lee and Detective James Carter.

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Because only Chan and Tucker are consistently featured, there is little room for cameos from the original trilogy’s supporting cast. Tzi Ma, who played Ambassador Solon Han in the previous two films, could return for a third.

We can’t really go to the previous Rush Hour movies to speculate on the next chapter since they’ve all been very self-contained storylines only linked by the presence of Lee and Carter. We expect that in Rush Hour 4, Lee and Carter will team up again, this time to take down a large multinational criminal ring. Of course they will do this while making jokes and making faces for the camera.

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