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This article contains information about Island boys net worth and personal lives of the Island Boys, including their height, weight, hairstyle, teeth, age, girlfriends, parents, and monthly income. The total wealth of the Island Boys is predicted to be roughly $700,000. Twin brothers from the United States known simply as “Island Boys” made an overnight phenomenon with their song of the same name. Franky and Alex Venegas are their given names. Alex came up with the name Island Boys, which became the group’s most recognisable song.

Island boys net worth 2022

In 2022, they’ll have a yearly income of $50,000. Their YouTube channel has over 8 million views and 28.4k followers, and the majority of their money comes from TikTok and advertisers.


Island boys Net Worth Growth in last 5 years

Net Worth in 2022$700 Thousand
Net Worth in 2021$300 Thousand
Net Worth in 2020$100 Thousand
Net Worth in 2019$30 Thousand
Net Worth in 2018$10 Thousand

Island boys Wiki, Bio and Parents

Identical twins Alex and Franky Island were born in Florida, United States, on July 16, 2001. TheyhaveCubanparents,hencetheIslandBoysareaCuban-Americanband. Both of the brothers lost their dad at early age; he had a heart attack.

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Theirmothermadeanefforttosendchildrentoreputableschools,butdespitethis,theycontinuedtoactbadly. Alex’s hair is yellow, while Franky’s is brown with blond tips, making the twins easy to spot. Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulj are their well-known aliases in the music industry.


Net Worth$700,000
NameIsland Boys
Height(1.7 m)
Weight60-70 KG
Date Of BirthJuly 16, 2001
BirthplaceUnited States
Income$50,000 USD

Island boys Girlfriends

Both Venegas brothers have girlfriends, as evidenced by various images they have put online, but they never discuss their relationships in public. Because they value secrecy, they have not discussed the identities of the women they are seeing. Flyysoulja and @toxiicfaiiry posted a photo together, in which he called his girlfriend his “soulmate baby.” Meanwhile, it appears like Kodiyakredd has a new girlfriend. On September 2, 2021, he uploaded an Instagram video of himself dancing with a female companion. Get to know me, he wrote as the description to the video on Instagram.

The distinctive tattoos and Bizarre Hair cuts of the Island boys

Alex has a number 17 and other writings tattooed on his forehead. If you look closely, you can see that Franky has an eagle tattoo on his forehead. Island males are easily recognisable by their distinctive hairdo. In contrast to Frank’s dark hair with blonde highlights, Alex has bright yellow hair.

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When the twins appeared on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast, listeners wanted to know their secret to getting their hair to stand up like that. You can assume that they invest a lot of time and money into their hair because it’s such a crucial part of their overall appearance. In reality, though, their one-of-a-kind look is due to an item more commonly associated with grandma: a crochet hook.

Island boys Teeth

It was December 2021, and the lads were on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast bragging about how they had the only permanent Johnny Dang teeth in their neighbourhood (which may cost over a thousand dollars).

Island boys Career

Franky, one of the twins, began his music career in the year 2020. He used to go by the name redd 4x, and his past releases include “Real Right,” “Smoke,” and “9ine.” New music by Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd titled “I am Island Boy” was released in October 2021.

The song soon became a worldwide phenomenon after its premiere on TikTok. The twins’ new single is showcased in the TikTok video, which features them performing in a bathtub while singing. Both of the twins have become Internet sensations after posting a TikTok video. After the video became viral, they saw a huge increase in the number of people following them on TikTok.

As of the year 2021, Flyysoulja has amassed 1.3 million fans on his official TikTok account, while his brother Kodiyakredd has amassed 714.2K. They have a huge following on TikTok, but the two brothers also have a huge following on YouTube, where they routinely post vlogs, song snippets, and music videos to their channel, Big Bag Ent.

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They published their now-viral TikTok clip to YouTube on October 15, 2021. The video’s value has increased to $100,000 with over 2.1 million views.

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