Is Vinny and Akeila still together after Double Shot At Love

Vinny and Akeila “Double Shot at Love”

The third and final season of MTV’s Double Shot at Love concluded on December 9, 2021. After the final episode of the show airs in 2021, fans may be curious about the love interest of series protagonist Vinny Guadagnino. Let’s dig deeper into what went on between him and Akeila. To know more about Is Vinny and Akeila still together after “Double Shot At Love” read the whole article.

Vinny’s search for love has been fraught with ups and downs. The Jersey Shore trailblazer has dated a wide variety of women, including Alysse Joyner and Elicea Shyann. When he enters the third season of A Double Shot at Love, viewers will be eager to learn if he finally found love.

Who is Vinny ?

Vinny Guadagnino, an American reality TV star, is widely recognised as a result of his role on MTV‘s hit series Jersey Shore. He comes from a Staten Island family. His mother left Italy when she was 13 years old to start a new life in the United States. His farm is featured in a Jersey Shore episode. He attended Susan E. Wagner High School and the College of Staten Island before deciding to pursue acting as a career.

Who is Akielia Rucker?

In the third season of A Double Shot at Love, which concluded on December 9, 2021, Akielia Rucker emerged triumphant and was crowned champion.Vinny picked her as his “one” among all the contestants on the show where they were all looking for love.Akielia is a model and a travelling nurse; she has over 34,000 followers on Instagram.

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Is Vinny and Akeila still together?

None of Vinny or Akielia’s social media posts about their relationship were shared after the Double Shot at Love finale. Akielia has a lot of followers on Instagram, but Vinny doesn’t. According to “Keto Guido,” his relationship with Akielia won’t be featured in the Jan. 6 episode of Jersey Shore. Even more amazing material is on the way!

Like his other Jersey Shore stars, Vinny hopes to find love and eventually start a family. Nightclubs, parties, and drinking every night are things he says they can’t keep up with anymore. I’d rather have a companion who is more reliable. I don’t know if it’s because I have high standards, am fussy, or it’s just difficult to meet someone who is a good fit. I won’t be in a hurry till I locate her.

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