Obviously, if Idris Elba were to become Bond, it would be a watershed moment because he would be the first actor of non-white ethnicity to ever play the character. In a recent development, Idris Elba effectively eliminated himself from consideration for the part of 007. Elba’s comments have not fazed Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson. While chatting with Variety, Broccoli shared his thoughts on a few topics.

Is Idris Elba the next James Bond 007 ?

We have a lot of respect for Idris. Unfortunately, that time is still a few years away. When we cast Bond, we’re committing to them for ten or twelve years. So, he’s probably debating whether or not he needs the item. It’s not something everyone is interested in doing. Just convincing [Daniel Craig] to accept was a major challenge.

It’s also true that Elba seems to have emotionally moved on from the rumours about him becoming Bond, despite having to listen to it for years. The actor recently said, “I have no more answers for it,” suggesting he is sick of being asked about Bond. In response to such inquiries, I usually respond, “ah, don’t ask me that.”

In no way does this rule out Elba playing James Bond in the future. It’s possible that discussions are taking on behind closed doors at the moment. It’s also possible that Elba’s public comments are fully true and he has no desire to play Bond. It’s safe to assume that if Elba isn’t available, Broccoli and Wilson will have no shortage of intriguing alternatives waiting in the wings to try out for the roles. Sixty years after its debut, the James Bond brand remains a commercial success, and actors continue to express strong interest in playing the iconic role of 007.

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When Idris Elba said he didn’t want to play James Bond, producers responded by claiming they would cast someone else. In the climactic moments of 2021’s No Time to Die, James Bond, played by Daniel Craig, was killed in a spectacular explosion. This means that, for the first time in years, the role of 007 is completely open.Now, any number of eligible male actors, including Tom Hardy, Henry Cavill, Richard Madden, James Norton, and Tom Hiddleston, might succeed Craig as Bond.

After No Time To Die, which Daniel Craig filmed last year, the search for a new James Bond has been in full swing. Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson have yet to announce their choice for the legendary character.

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