iOS Facebook Dark mode interface disappears

One of the most-used system-level functions of iOS is suddenly missing from the Facebook app. The dark mode option on Facebook for iOS has vanished without explanation, as many Facebook users have noticed and moneymaketnews has confirmed. While this is most certainly a bug, Facebook has yet to recognize the problem or set a fix date.

Why did iOs Facebook Dark Mode disappear?

Users have moved to other social media channels, such as Twitter, to express their dissatisfaction with the sudden removal of dark mode support on Facebook. This includes how Facebook works with iOS’s system-wide dark mode toggle and the in-app dark mode toggle that used to be in the “Settings” menu of the Facebook app.

Not only will Facebook no longer respect your system-wide dark mode preferences, but there will also be no way to enable dark mode manually in the Facebook app. It’s not a big problem, but it can be strange to look at, especially if your iPhone or iPad is set to dark mode system-wide.

In 2019, iOS 13 was released, which included system-wide dark mode support. As we’ve come to expect from Facebook it took its time rolling out support for the feature. Facebook’s dark mode functionality didn’t arrive until late June 2020, a full year after Apple released iOS 13 with dark mode as a standout feature.

There’s no reason to believe Facebook has eliminated dark mode support from its iOS app on purpose. The firm doesn’t give release notes for any of the upgrades it pushes out to Facebook for iOS, although they come out every 5–7 days on average. One of these recent updates may have made a change that accidentally took away the dark mode from the Facebook app for iOS.

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Have you noticed that the dark mode option on Facebook for iOS is no longer available? Let us know in the comments section.

How to check iOs dark mode

On iOS and Android, dark mode is not as prominent as other features on iOS and Android, so it can be tough to spot. Go to the ‘Menu’ icon on the navigation bar on the main screen, then Settings & Privacy, then Preferences, and Dark Mode should be there.

On desktop, Facebook has a dark mode.

On the desktop, however, it’s as simple as clicking the arrow in the top right, selecting “Display and Accessibility,” and turning on dark mode.

There hasn’t been any explanation from Meta as to why it decided to turn off the feature for some people, and there isn’t any justification to do it in the first place. It’s a useful function that won’t put a load on the firm or the programs it provides, so the choice to deactivate it is perplexing.

For now, the best thing to do is to delete the app from your Android or iOS device and reinstall it to see if dark mode is back.

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