A good place to stay will help us through these difficult times, repay loans and pay for our daily expenses. We are very interested in what rich people do to ensure their financial stability and comfort. What can we learn from them? This is a three-part special series that introduces what we can learn from the rich: crorepatis (we usually call them by common names) or high-income people to call them.

Compound investment habits: An investment condition that can significantly increase wealth over time. You may have heard of it from your financial adviser or read it in other investment literature. But many people take this for granted. For example, approximately 34% of the equity will be liquidated within a year.

Although by June 2015, this proportion was less than 43%, long-term analysis shows that although the wealthy know more, the behavior of investors has not changed much. Financial advisers and traders say that their understanding of “capitalization” is better than average. investor. You can learn from them how to create wealth for you and your family. Don’t let money sit idle, even if the rich, the rich don’t leave money idle in their bank accounts.

Usually it is not allowed to throw 500,000 rupees (a relatively small amount for them). Once they get the money, put it into use,” said Sapna Narang, managing partner of Capital League. Look for investment opportunities. Your portfolio may be 40 rupees .However, even if the “100,000” National Reserve Fund expires, customers will call and hope to reinvest the proceeds as soon as possible.

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The calculation on the back of the envelope shows that if you start a systematic investment plan (1,000 rupees per month) at the age of 23, you will get a kitten worth Rs 82.75 million when you retire at the age of 60. Returned from nearly 4.7 million. If you have to start at the age of 35, then you can only earn 1.9 million rupees; the amount is 63.77 rupees less than the income you started earlier.

Global investment willingness In recent years, Indian investors have increasingly turned to international funds. However, Moneycontrol’s financial advisers stated that high-net-worth investors invested in international funds long before they became popular.

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